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George & Dragon Angling Club

Dates: Saturday 28th April

Waters: Bruces Acre & Wallace

George & Dragon Angling Club will once again be holding a club match at Broom Fisheries
There is expected to be 30 anglers here for this year’s event

Match organiser: Dave Lenton
Tel: 07500296560
Match is closed to club
Draw 09:00
All-in 10:00
All-out 15:00

Standard Broom Fisheries Match Rules apply
Bait order to be placed by Dave in advance for maggot, worms & casters

Position Lake Section Name Weight (lb.ozs)
1 Bruces Acre A Simon Dowson 23.02
2 Bruces Acre A James Lively 13.14
3 Bruces Acre A Adrian Holden 5.03
4 Bruces Acre A Kenin Fryer 4.13
5 Bruces Acre A Dave Lenton 1.14
6 Bruces Acre A Brendan O’Kane 0.00
1 Bruces Acre B Dave Holden 3.00
2 Bruces Acre B Paul Wilson 2.10
3 Bruces Acre B Matty Carter 1.13
4 Bruces Acre B Pete O’Brian 1.04
5 Bruces Acre B Ryan Mason 1.01
6 Bruces Acre B Kevin McGuiness 0.07
1 Wallace’s A Jack Madley 27.11
2 Wallace’s A Tony Middleton 18.05
3 Wallace’s A Maurice Hodgson 6.10
4 Wallace’s A Max Castaldi 4.10
5 Wallace’s A John Holcroft 4.06
6 Wallace’s A Steve Fenton 3.03
7 Wallace’s A Dave Silk 1.15
8 Wallace’s A Charlie Hall 1.07
9 Wallace’s A Bob Seaman 0.02
1 Wallace’s B Ray Chappelow 22.11
2 Wallace’s B Dave Budden 9.14
3 Wallace’s B Ian Castaldi 7.09
4 Wallace’s B Ryan Preston 5.04
5 Wallace’s B Danny Cumpsty 3.09
6 Wallace’s B Stephen Ward 0.00
7 Wallace’s B Bob Lister 0.00
8 Wallace’s B Brian Ward 0.00
9 Wallace’s B Brian James 0.00

On Saturday 28 th April Broom Fisheries had the pleasure of hosting The George and Dragon Angling
Club from Wray, Lancashire. This is an annual event which this year saw 30 anglers compete over 2
lakes (Bruce’s Acre and Wallace’s). Most of the anglers took the opportunity to fish on the Friday
and caught very well, but would the pressure of the big event on the Saturday be too much or
indeed would many of them be suffering due to the amount of ale sipped the night before.
Conditions were ideal a slight ripple with the sun peeking through every now and again. As
previously mentioned the match was held over 2 lakes which in turn were split into 2 sections. A
very friendly match, but still very competitive. All in was at 10 and all out was at 2, so 4 hours to bag
as many fish as they could, with the prospect of another night out to follow. Walking around the
lakes you would have thought it was full of pleasure anglers, everyone chatting and having a laugh.
Anglers of varying standards and equipped with tackle and bait of their choice. At the start, there
were no runaway anglers, however Jack Modley on permanent peg 31 on Wallace’s and Dave
Budden on peg 47 Wallace’s must have fancied their chances, with fishing making themselves known
before the all in. On Bruce’s Simon Dowson surely had to be favourite from permanent peg 1. Jack
got off to a good start catching Ide on the pole before switching to the feeder dropping it close to
the reeds. He ended up with 27lb 11 oz of carp and silvers for the A section win on Wallace’s, Tony
Middleton had a good bag of silvers for 18lb 5oz for 2nd in the section. B Section on Wallace’s was
won by Ray Chappelow who had 22lb 110z of silvers caught on the waggler. Dave Budden finished 2 nd having
lost a few decent fish on the tip, fishing close to the reeds, but still managing to put 9lb 14oz on the
scales. As predicted Simon won A Section on Bruce’s Acre with a good mixed bag caught on the tip
of 23lb 2oz. James Lively finished 2nd with some big silvers for 13lb 14oz from peg 5. B section on
Bruce’s was won by Dave Holden who weighed in 3lb from permanent peg 8, second was Paul
Wilson with 2lb 10oz who fished the far bank.
Lake wins for Simon Dowson with 23lb 2oz from Bruce’s Acre and Jack Modley won Wallace’s and
was the best weight on the day with 27lb 11 oz.
Really great bunch of anglers, really nice to see them up at Broom Fisheries again. Hope you all
enjoyed your day and look forward to welcoming you all again next year.

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