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Fully stocked lakes for leisure and competition fishing

Read all about our fully stocked lakes to find out why we’re famous for the quality and variety of coarse fishing which attracts keen anglers both for leisure and match fishing.

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12 Pegs

Muirbeck was created by connecting two of our oldest and well-established lakes together in June 2019 which had 12 pegs, in March 2022 the Canal was also joined to the specimen water giving a total of 20 bookable pegs.

Available for night fishing.


  • Carp – mirror, common 24lbs+
  • Bream / Skimmers up to 5lbs+
  • Perch 4lb+

Best methods

  • All recognised carp methods.

Lake Map.

Lake Swim Layout.

Specimen Lake Rules.


Bruce's Acre

14 Pegs

Another of our more popular pleasure / match lakes

The current holder of the Scottish Match Fishing Record stands at 161lb held by Kyle Kirkpatrick


Kyle Kirkpatrick 69lb 4oz

Kyle Kirkpatrick 69lb 4oz

Similarly to Queensberry – open to pleasure fishing Mon – Sat – often closed for matches on Sundays


  • Carp – common, mirror & ghost up to 14lbs
  • F1 carp – up to 6lbs
  • Ide – 2.5lbs
  • Chub – 2.5lbs
  • Bream – 3lbs
  • Barbel – 6lbs
  • Other species – Perch, Roach, Gudgeon

Well suited for rod and pole fishing, similar methods to Queensberry Water as the two are linked together via two culvert bridges.

Match info

Often used in Broom series, festival weekends and open matches.


14 Pegs

Opened June 2018

A new lake which is located behind Wallace’s, with the ability to park very close to your peg.  Suited to pleasure anglers looking to catch a lot of fish.


  • Carp up to 15lbs
  • Ide – 2.5lbs
  • Bream – 3lbs
  • Other species – Roach, Perch, Tench, Gudgeon

Best methods – suited for both rod & pole fishing, maggot, worm, corn, pellet, meat & boilies.


A very popular water, for both pleasure and match fishing.

Queensberry water is open for pleasure fishing Mon – Sat, but is generally closed on Sundays for match fishing, which has become increasingly popular. On rare occasions on Saturdays club matches are booked on it also.


  • Carp – common, mirror and ghost up to 15lbs
  • F1 carp – up to 6lbs
  • Bream – 3lbs
  • Tench – 3lbs
  • Ide – 2.5lbs
  • Chub – 2.5lbs
  • Barbel – up to 9lbs
  • Other species – Perch, Roach, Gudgeon

Excellent water for all types of fishing on rod/pole.

Rod fishing

Method & cage feeder with pellet, corn and maggot all work well. Waggler float fishing shallow with pellet/maggot can be very good during the warmer months.

Pole fishing

Best methods – chopped worm & caster, maggot, pellet and sweetcorn.

But with weights regularly recorded between 50 & 90 lbs on match days.

Enquiries are always advisable with regards to weekends, although Saturdays are generally free.

Held the previous Scottish match record at 135lbs 10oz and was held by Rob Swan







22 Pegs

Opened 1st May 2019

Piggys is predominantly a pleasure fishing water.
Designed with two narrow islands ensures there are plenty of features to fish to.


  • Carp – common, mirror and ghost up to 15lbs
  • Ide up to 2.5lbs
  • Perch up to 4lbs
  • Other species – Rudd, Roach, Gudgeon

Best methods – pole fished maggot for huge nets of Rudd, feeder for carp close to the islands.


18 Pegs

Opened in 2016

Fully stocked with small mirror Carp, Ide, Skimmers, Roach and Perch, with a handful of large Carp up to 16lbs.

Wallace is a “match only” water, due to increasing demand on match days, and to occasionally free-up one of the other match waters on Sundays for pleasure fishing.

Wallace proudly held the Scottish Match Fishing Record, which was 128lb 6oz held by Mr Ian Whitson from Motherwell, Scotland, but this has now been superseded by Queensberry water which is the current Scottish match record holder at 135lb 10oz by cumbrian angler Rob Swan