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Broom Fisheries Winter League 2016-17

Dates: Sunday 8th January

Waters: Queensberry Water

Broom Fisheries Winter League round 1 results 

( 17 fished ) 


Queensberry Water 

    • 1st – Colin Hart – 16lb 12oz (p19) 
    • 2nd= Steve Royle – 14lb 12oz (p23)
    • 2nd = Colin Mckerrell – 14lb 12oz (p27)
    • 3rd – Barry Young – 12lb 14oz (p25)(GP) 
    • 4th – Scott Mcghee – 10lb 2oz (P20)
    • 5th – Rosen Arsov – 6lb 10oz (p26)
    • 6th – Symon Willan – 6lb 4oz (p21)
    • 7th – Geoff Whittle – 5lb 4oz (p22)
    • 8th – Dave Walker – DNW (p24)

Bruces Acre

  • 1st – Myles Watt – 7lb 4oz (p13)
  • 2nd – Pat James – 7lb 2oz (p5)
  • 3rd – Thomas Woodman – 4lb 10oz (p3)
  • 4th = Ian Hickson – 4lb (p1)
  • 4th= David Mcgregor – 4lb (p14)
  • 5th – Bill Sawyers – 3lb 14oz (p10)
  • 6th = Michael Harkness – 2lb 10oz (p7)
  • 6th = Paul Barnett – 2lb 10oz (p12)

Cracking mild day to be out, low cloud and 10 degrees with a slight breeze. 

After doing my maths, over 30 carp were caught today which don’t count in the league, hence the lower weights this week, but there was a separate ” carp pools ” for those that wanted to risk a £1… Won by Pat James with 17lb 8oz. Barry Young had 4 for 14lb 8oz which included a 9lb common carp, caught on single maggot / 2lb line..! I’m sure Colin Hart had 6 as did Colin Mckerrell – with most others netting a few also. 

Colin Hart won on Queensberry with a nice mix of chub, small roach and skimmers, caught on pole at 14m, Colin McKerrell and Steve Royle were tied in 2nd, both catching nice skimmers, small blades and gudgeon / Maggot on pole. 

The section normally held on the Square was moved to Bruces Acre, and although a lot tougher than Queensberry, the gamble paid off with everyone getting a few bites / fish, Myles Watt won with the help of the odd bonus skimmer, with Pat James a close 2nd, only 2oz behind with a net of small silvers to go with his 17lb + net of carp. 

All in all, everyone had a decent days fishing, and had the carp counted, there would have been some very respectable winter weights. 

Well done guys!! 

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