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Fur ‘n’ Feather Match 23rd Dec 2018

Sorry this event has sold out
Dates: Sunday 23rd December

Broom fisheries Sunday Open Xmas Match
(25 fished)

Bruce’s Acre section 2
1st – Eddie Bibby – 60lb 10oz (p13)
2nd – Scott Mcghee – 17lb (p12)
3rd – Don Lines – 10lb (p10)
4th – Symon Willan – 4lb 8oz (p9)

Bruce’s Acre section 1
1st – Joshua Caisley – 26lb (p2)
2nd – David Mcauley – 15lb 8oz (p6)
3rd – Steve Wood – 9lb 10oz (p3)
4th – Michael Harkness – 2lb 2oz (p5)

The Square
Section 2
1st – Steve Royle – 39lb (p9)
2nd – Nigel Foulds – 8lb 2oz (P7)
3rd – Andrew Gladwin – 3lb 5oz (p6)
4th – John Williamson – DNW (p8)

The Square
Section 1
1st – Jasmine Edwards – 32lb 6oz (p5)
2nd – Nick Howe – 18lb 6oz (p3)
3rd – David Mcgregor – 16lb 12oz (p1)
4th – Barry Young – 14lb (p4)

Queensberry Water
Section 2
1st – Mike Hammond – 36lb 10oz (p26)
2nd – Scott Bond – 28lb 8oz (p27)
3rd – Geoff Whittle – 28lb (p24)
4th – Mark Clow – 20lb 4oz (p25)

Queensberry Water
Section 1
1st – Ian Whitson – 29lb 4oz (p22)
2nd – Dave Wardman – 16lb 12oz (p20)
3rd – Rosen Arsov – 15lb 8oz (p21)
4th – Brian Docherty – DNW (p19)

A very pleasant day today… Dry, mild and  And despite the flat calm conditions it fished quite well with some very close sections, nice nets of silvers… And some lovely carp were caught too.
On Bruce’s Acre Eddie Bibby stole the show, winning his section and the overall match with 60lbs + of carp caught on the pole ” dobbing” bread ?.! Eddie picked up the first prize,? a cool £125 tackle voucher kindly gifted by Daiwa.
Joshua Caisley won the other section with a few carp for 26lbs.
Down on The Square we weren’t sure how it would fish.. Its been ta while since we last put a match on it, but it fished surprisingly well with Carp dominating what is usually a good silvers water.
Steve Royle won the lake and his section comfortably with 39lbs of carp caught on waggler /maggot… Which included some proper lumps as you’ll see in his catch photo in a separate post. Steve picked up pools and a £50 Daiwa tackle voucher for his efforts… ?
Jasmine Edwards fished a very tidy match to win the other section… Catching around 10 small carp in the margin on the pole to weigh in a respectable 32lb 6oz.
Queensberry Water fished well throughout, sticking to its recent form with nice weights and close sections.
Mike Hammond won the lake and his section with a nice net of silvers for 36lb 10oz.. Picking up pools and a £50 Daiwa tackle voucher.. Not a bad days work.! Credit also due as it was Mike’s first visit to the fishery… ? ?
Section 1 was won by Ian Whitson, again with a nice net of silvers for 29lbs 4oz… Again a very decent winter weight all caught on pole / Maggots.
Over 457lbs of fish caught today… Not too shabby considering the time of year.
After the match, everyone retired to the cafe for an Xmas dinner, enjoyed by all… Many thanks to Liz and the cafe staff for putting on some good food yet again.,!
Everyone went home with a prize,? ranging from a Daiwa feeder rod gifted by David Mcauley / Daiwa, bottles of beer, wine, spirits and an assortment of tackle… All in all a great day. ?!
Many thanks to all that supported the match, David Mcauley, Daiwa, The cafe staff.
All at Broom wish everyone a very merry Xmas..!







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