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Winter League 2020/21

Dates: 20th December - 14th February

Waters: Wallace & Queensberry

Daiwa @ Broom Fisheries

Winter League 2020/21 – update
Due to Covid 19 restrictions being put in place we have made the following amendment to the Winter Series calendar, in the hopes that this will prevent the series from being cancelled altogether as we all know the year, has been pretty unique and that many of you have not had the outdoor exposer you all usually enjoy, so we have made the following amendments in order to try and preserve this year Winter Series
Cancel the first round, but added a round to the end of the series – see below (Poster to be amended)

6th December – Cancelled due to Tier 4 travel restrictions

20th December (Christmas Fur N Feather)

3rd January

17th January

31st January

14th February – Added due to cancelling 1st round


Limited to 24 entries.


Matches will be 2 sections of 12 on Queensbury and Wallace lakes with mini 6 peg sections for the overall section points.


The format will be normal fishery open rules with all methods allowed.


Bloodworm and Joker will be allowed for anyone who wants to use it.


Round 1 – Random draw

Round 2 – Lake rotation

Round 3 – Random draw

Round 4 – Lake rotation

Round 5 – Random draw


Best 4 results from 5 match will count to decide the overall winner.


Entry Fee £50 payable at Broom Fishery Tackle shop. Any payments by pay pal will be subject to additional fees.


Entry fees payable by 29th November


Optional £10 section pool plus £ 10-day ticket payable on the day of each round.


All section pools and day ticket monies will be collected by fishery staff from anglers when they are at their pegs before the start of each match. This is to reduce congestion and social distancing in the tackle shop.


Overall Payout (Based on full entry)


1st £225 + £150 tackle voucher

2nd £175 + £125 tackle voucher

3rd £125 + £100 tackle voucher

4th £100 + £75 tackle voucher

5th £75 + £50 tackle voucher


Round 1 Winner £100

Round 2 Winner £100

Round 3 Winner £100

Round 4 Winner £100

Round 5 Winner £100


To maintain social distance all draws will be done live on Facebook on the Saturday afternoon at 5:00 pm before each round.


All anglers can arrive at the fishery from 8:00 am and go straight to their pegs to set up in time for the 10:30 all in.


Fishing will be from 10:30 – 15:30


Please leave your name on this post to book your entry.


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