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Office Number: 01461 700 386
Fishery Manager: 07850 157 668

Sunday Open 2/9/18

Dates: Sunday 2nd September

Draw time : 09:00 prompt

All in: 11:00

All out 16:30

Match fee £20 all in

(Ring fishery office only 01461 700386 if your running late)

Standard Broom Fisheries Match Rules Apply




Broom Sunday Open 02 September.

Weather was ideal to start with overcast with a nice ripple on the water. Lots of fish up in the water ideal pellet waggler day? Nope…….

12 anglers fished so decided to have 3 mini sections on Queensberry. Section 1, 16 -19 section 2, 21 – 24 and section 3, 26 – 29.

Section 1 was won by Broom regular Ian Whitson who weighed in a mixed bag of 65lb from peg 17. Simon Hayes finished second with 62lb 6oz from peg 16.

Section 2 was very close I managed a narrow win with 43lb 12oz mostly bream from peg 22. Don Lines was second with 42lb 8oz from peg 23 and John Williamson was third with 42lb 4oz from peg 24. To be fair John lost some big fish on the pellet waggler.

Section 3 was won by Jerry Blythe with a mixed bag for 65lb 10oz from peg 26. Rosen Arsov was second from peg 29 with 44lb 8oz.

Shame the rain came in the last hour, nothing worse than packing up when everything is soaked.

Well done everyone some very good weights.

Full results.

Section 1
Ian Whitson 65lb
Simon Heyes 62lb 6oz
Steve Royle 49lb 12oz
Nick Aldersley 26lb 8oz

Section 2
Mark Clow 43lb 12oz
Don Lines 42lb 8oz
John Williamson 42lb 4oz
John Stones 11lb 4oz

Section 3
Jerry Blythe 65lb 10oz
Rosen Arsov 44lb 8oz
David Corcoran 26lb 12oz
Myles Watt 25lb 12oz

Open again next week please contact Broom Fisheries if you are going to fish.

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