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Office Number: 01461 700 386
Fishery Manager: 07850 157 668

Sunday Open 31/3/19

Dates: Sunday 31st March

Waters: Queensberry

Draw time : 09:00 prompt

All in: 11:00

All out 16:30

Match fee £20 all in

(Ring fishery office only 01461 700386 if your running late)

Standard Broom Match Rules Apply

The Cafe will be open Friday, Saturday & Sunday each week

Anglers fishing this event are:



Broom Sunday Open 31st March. (Spring is here)

Waters used: Queensberry

Section 1: 17 -22
Section 2: 23 – 27

Bit of a frost last night few white patches where the sun hadn’t hit. Gentle breeze which kept changing direction throughout the day and bright sunshine.

11 anglers fished today.

Myles Watt won section 1 from peg 20 he caught a few Carp on the feeder and a load of silvers on the pole for 55lb 4oz and the overall match win. Second in the section was Craig Duncan with a good silvers bag all caught on the pole for 38lb.

I won section 2 with a good net of silvers, mostly bream fishing the short pole, for 44lb 8oz from peg 24. Ian Whitson was second with 43lb 5oz with 4 Carp and. Net of silvers from peg 23.

Them bream seemed to like the new Daiwa green bream. As the anglers who caught well were using it.

Really god day down there and thanks to Don Lines for awarding we a rosette for best in show, really appreciate it.

Section 1

Myles Watt – Peg 20 – 55lb 4oz
Craig Duncan – Peg 22 – 38lb
Ian Hickson – Peg 17 – 34lb
Don Lines – Peg 21 – 28lb 4oz
John Williamson – Peg 18 – 27lb 8oz
Jerry Blythe – Peg 19 – 22lb

Section 2
Me – Peg 24 – 44lb 8oz
Ian Whitson – Peg 23 – 43lb 5oz
David McGregor – Peg 26 – 29lb 8oz
Matt Baxter – Peg 25 – 17lb
Rosen Arsov – Peg 27 – DNW

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