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Office Number: 01461 700 386
Fishery Manager: 07850 157 668

Sunday Open 30th July

Dates: Sunday 30th July

Waters: Wallace & Queensberry

Draw time : 09:00 prompt

All in: 11:00

All out 16:30

Match fee £20 all in

(Ring fishery office only 01461 700386 if your running late)

Standard Broom Fisheries Match Rules Apply


Broom Fisheries Match Report

Date: 30th July 2017

Waters: Queensberry and Wallaces

Weather: Windy with a few showers.

Although I said windy for the weather this was a bit of an understatement. Made it impossible for most of us to fish the long pole today.

Don Lines won on Queensberry from peg 21 with 41lb made up of mostly silvers. Second was John Brooke’s with 40lb 06oz from peg 19. Third was Matt Baxter with 37lb 12oz who fished the paste on peg 23. Some good back up weights with some big carp showing.

Wallace’s fished well with worm being as popular as ever. Congratulations to Dave McAuley who weighed in 54lb 12oz, just pipping Michael Harkness who weighed in a new PB of 52lb 02oz of mostly carp from the end peg (35). Geoff Brought finished third fishing down the margin for 49lb again from the end peg 46. Again as with Queensberry some good back up weights nothing below 25lb which is pretty good for what were tough conditions.

Congratulations to Dave on not only winning Wallace’s but also winning the golden peg on my favourite peg 42.

Broom Series next week and Carole will post the lake draw soon if she hasn’t already. Don’t forget if you need worm to let John know. Hopefully the wind will be kind next week. Don’t forget there will also be a Friday night match this week draw 5 o’clock. Please register on the website for entry.


Name Peg Weight
David McAuley 42      GP 54lb 12oz
Micheal Harkness 35 52lb 02oz
Geoff Brough 46 49lb 00oz
Ian Whitson 39 40lb 00oz
Mark Clow 41 38lb 00oz
Steve Royle 36 35lb 10oz
Tim Gustard 45 31lb 00oz
Rosen Arsov 38 29lb 10oz
Derek Brady 43 27lb 00oz
Name Peg Weight
Don Lines 21 41lb 00oz
John Brookes 19 40lb 06oz
Matt Baxter 23 37lb 12oz
Brian Irvine 25 33lb 04oz
Myles Watt 24 32lb 06oz
Anothny Silcock 16 28lb 04oz
John Williamson 20 28lb 04oz
David McGregor 17 20lb 08oz
Bill Jones 15 07lb 05oz
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