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Sunday Open 17/02/19

Dates: Sunday 17th February

Waters: Queensberry

Draw time : 09:00 prompt

All in: 10:15

All out 16:30

Match fee £20 all in

(Ring fishery office only 01461 700386 if your running late)

Standard Broom Match Rules Apply

The cafe will be open Friday, Saturday & Sunday each week




Broom fisheries Sunday Open Match results (20 fished)
Queensberry Water & Wallace Lake

Wallace Lake Section 1
1st – Steve Royle – 55lb 12oz (p32)
2nd – Barry Young – 21lb 4oz (p34)
3rd – Rosen Arsov – 13lb 8oz (p36)
4th – Dave Walker – 11lb (p33)
5th – John Williamson – 8lb 12oz (p35)
Wallace Lake Section 2
1st – Craig Duncan – 20lb 2oz (p43)
2nd – Ian Whitson – 18lb 10oz (p46)
3rd – David Mcgregor – 15lb 10oz (p44)
4th – Nick Aldersey – 12lb 6oz (p45)
5th – George McBeth – DNW (p42)

Queensberry Water section 1
1st – Symon Willan – 53lb (p17)
2nd – Geoff Whittle – 40lb 10oz (p18)
3rd – Gerry Blythe – 37lb 8oz (p19)
4th – Mick Relph – 18lb 4oz (p20)
5th – Paul Spencer – DNW (p21)
Queensberry Water section 2
1st – David Corcoran – 31lb 8oz (p24).
2nd – Don Lines – 31lb (p26)
3rd – Mark Gordon – 26lb 8oz (p22)
4th – Andrew Keogh – 18lb 12oz (p23).
5th – Daryn Ritchie – 9lb 12oz (p25)

A mild dry day today.. But 30 – 40 mph gusts of wind made things a bit more challenging today.!!
Wallace Lake was used in the match for the first time this year… So no one really knew what to expect. Unfortunately its a very good pole Water… And the conditions today didn’t help it one bit.
On the plus side, everyone caught a few fish… Mainly on a very short pole line, and on the feeder rod.
Steve Royle drew an end peg yet again.. In the shape of hot peg 32.!
He opted to fish his pole line into a quiet spot near the bank which was reasonably calm and out the wind, and the carp must have liked the area too as Steve caught steadily throughout the match catching carp to weigh in 55lb 12oz, winning the section and Overall match.
Section two was a little more closely contested, with ide and silvers making up most of the weights. Craig Duncan was the exception catching a few carp to add to his weight, weighing in 20lb 2oz to win the section.
On Queensberry Water section 1 was the place to be, similarly to last week.
Symon Willan was fortunate to draw end peg 17, one of the more fancied pegs given the conditions.
Symon opted for the method feeder tight to the far bank and caught carp steadily throughout the match to win comfortably with a very respectable 53lbs.
Geoff Whittle managed 40lb + from the next peg, with Gerry Blythe weighing in a decent 37lb + from the next peg again… A lot of fish from those 3 pegs.!
Section two was another close one.. And only a few ounces would separate the top two.
David Corcoran came out on top with a net consisting mainly of silvers for 31lbs 8oz, with a few carp helping to boost his weight.
Don Lines had a similar net of fish but fell 8oz short… Weighing in 31lbs exactly.
All in all a decent day’s fishing for most, with everyone adapting to fish the conditions as best they could.. Well done guys.!!

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