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Office Number: 01461 700 386
Fishery Manager: 07850 157 668

Sunday Open – 7/7/19

Dates: Sunday 7th July

Waters: Queensberry

Draw time : 09:00 prompt

All in: 11:00

All out 16:30

Match fee £20 all in

(Ring fishery office only 01461 700386 if your running late)

Standard Broom Match Rules Apply

The Cafe will be open Friday, Saturday & Sunday each week

Anglers fishing this match are:



Split into 4 sections today, two on Wallace Lake & two on Queensberry Water
21 fished

Wallace Lake Section 1
1st – Myles Watt – 100 lb 6oz p32
2nd – Geoff Whittle – 53lb 10oz p34
3rd – Don Lines – 50lb 10oz p33
4th – Ross Black – 33lb p35
5th – Ian Hickson – 31lb p36

Wallace Lake Section 2
1st – Barry Young – 75lb 14oz p42
2nd – Gerry Blythe – 69lb 6oz p43
3rd – Symon Willan – 48lb 12oz p46
4th – Don McLean – 22lb p45
5th – Geoffrey Brough – 9lb 12oz p44

Queensberry Water section 1
1st – Ian Whitson – 89lb 6oz p16
2nd – Paul Spencer – 33lb 10oz p20
3rd – Joshua Caisley – 32lb 4oz p19
4th – Shaun McAneney – 19lb p17
5th – Scott Mcghee – 18lb p18

Queensberry Water section 2
1st – Rosen Arsov – 82lb 6oz p26
2nd – Steve Royle – 72lb 4oz p24
3rd – Chris Scott – 62lb 10oz p22
4th – James Carlton – 41lb 10oz p23
5th – Stuart Dawson – 23lb 4oz p21
6th – Jasmine Edwards – 22lb 8oz p25

A lovely dry and warm day, flat calm to start off the match with a gentle breeze from lunchtime onwards.
The bright ? sunshine didn’t stop the fish from feeding today, with some fantastic weights recorded in all 4 sections. ?
On Wallace Lake, Myles Watt drew hot ? end peg 32… Which was solid with carp before the match started… And the peg didn’t disappoint either.
Myles opted to fish bomb ? & pellet on the tip rod and caught carp steadily throughout the match to just break the magic ” Ton” barrier with 100lbs 6oz… Winning the section and Overall match…
Geoff Whittle was runner up with a very respectable 53lbs 10oz… Again mostly carp caught on method feeder with a few on the pole.
In section two it was the silverfish that decided to feed well, along with a sprinkling of carp.
Barry Young on peg 42 had 60 ide, along with a few skimmers and carp for 75lbs 14oz, all caught on the pole with maggot/worm, winning the section.
Gerry Blythe was a worthy second with another big weight.. 69lb 6oz, with Symon Willan on end peg 46 managing a very decent 48lb 12oz of carp.
On Queensberry Water section 1 Ian Whitson had drawn end peg 16 and got off to a flying start on the method feeder with 10 carp in the first 30 mins. Ian caught steadily and was on for a big weight until a little disturbance on Bruce’s Acre moved the fish away from where he’d been casting… Hopes of a big ” Ton +.” weight were dashed, but a whopping 89lb 6oz secured the section comfortably.
Paul Spencer took 2nd place with 33lb 10oz from peg 20.
In section two there were more big weights, Rosen Arsov won the section with 82lb 6oz, all carp caught on the method feeder.
Steve Royle was a worthy second with a superb 72lb 4oz… Carp caught on waggler and paste.
Chris Scott could only manage a 3rd place with a 62lb 10oz net of fish… A weight usually worthy of winning ?.!!
That’s how well its fished today… With some great weights and top angling from the guys. ?
Strangely… 3 of the 4 sections were won today by the guys using rods…, it’s usually pole fishing that dominates.! But then again it wouldn’t be enjoyable if it was predictable. ?

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