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SFCA – Fed Cup 2018

Dates: Sunday 25th March

Waters: Wallace & Queensberry

SFCA – Fed Cup

Organiser Brian Docherty
Telephone 01698 258838
Draw 09:00
All-in 10:00
All-out 16:00
Pools pay out £40 for every 5 anglers
The additional £2 to the overall winner

Broom Match Rules


Broom fisheries – SFCA ” Fed Cup” results Section results :
( 28 fished.)
Wallace Lake Section 1
1st – Steve Royle – 91lb 3oz (p32)
2nd – Barry Young – 34lb 6oz (p33)
3rd – Rosen Arsov – 16lb 5oz (p36)
4th – Daryn Ritchie – 14lb 8oz (p34)
5th – Jim Anderson – 10lb 4oz (p35)
Section 2
1st – Chris Paton – 5lb 12oz (p37)
2nd – Bob Goodwin – 4lb 6oz (p39)
3rd – Eamon O Brien – 4lb 5oz (p41)
4th = Matthew Waugh – DNW (p40)
4th = James McGradie – DNW (p38)
Section 3
1st – Symon Willan – 33lb 11oz (p46)
2nd – David Corcoran – 24lb 1oz (p45)
3rd – Don Lines – 16lb 4oz (p44)
4th – Nick Howe – 3lb 6oz (p43)
5th – Scott Macher – DNW (p42)

Section 1
1st – Geoff Whittle – 27lb 3oz (p16)
2nd – Scott Mcghee – 19lb 9oz (p17)
3rd – Craig Duncan – 17lb 7oz (p18)
4th – Derek Brady – 12lb 8oz (p19)
Section 2
1st – Davy Walker – 63lb 13oz (p20)
2nd – Stuart Dalglish – 12lb 4oz (p23)
3rd – Rob Swan – 12lb 3oz (p22)
4th – David Joseph – 5lb 3oz (p21)
Section 3
1st – James Woodrow – 32lb 15oz (p28)
2nd – Barry Lindsay – 13lb 11oz (p26)
3rd – Mark Lyons – 12lb 12oz (p24)
4th – James Dornom – 6lb 4oz (p25)
5th – Brian Docherty – DNW – (p27)

A dry start today with a couple of nasty cold showers, and horrible 20mph wind that wasn’t forecast…!
On a plus ➕ note there were signs the fish were starting to wake up a little after a longer than usual winter, although the carp were still ” Balled up” in the usual pegs..! However there were a few caught throughout both ponds indicating they were starting to move around slowly.
On Wallace Lake there was never any doubt as to where everyone wanted to draw, and Steve Royle was the angler fortunate enough to pull out peg 32 in Section 1
Steve made the most of his end peg advantage, catching a dozen or so carp on the method feeder, before switching to his margin line to catch a further 25 carp to weigh in a magnificent 91lbs 3oz, winning his section and the overall match.
Section 2 on the middle pegs was a far tougher affair, with Chris Paton bagging one small bonus carp and a few small silvers to win his section with 5lbs 12oz
Section 3 was won by Symon Willan who set his stall out to fish for carp with the end peg advantage in his favour, he weighed in a very respectable 33lbs 11oz
Queensberry Water
Section 1 again was won from an end peg, Geoff Whittle catching a few carp on the feeder, and one or two good skimmers and big ide on the pole to weigh in 27lbs 3oz
Section 2 was dominated by the hot culvert peg 20, And Davy Walker fished a very good match using the maggot feeder to catch a nice net of carp, with one or two chub and good skimmers for good measure… Weighing in a superb 63lb 13oz to win the section and overall on the lake.
Section 3… Yes you’ve guessed it, this time end peg, 28… And James Woodrow was the man in form to catch a mix of carp and silvers on the tip rod and pole, weighing in 32lbs 15oz to win his section comfortably.

Overall individuals :
1st – Steve Royle
2nd – Dave Walker
3rd – Barry Young

Teams of 3
Overall Top 3
1st – Magiscroft “A” – 4pts
2nd – Compo s, Clowns – 5pts
3rd – Broom DYNAMITE – 6pts

A very well attended match today… Many thanks guys… And congratulations to all the winners etc on the day..

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