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Scottish Federation Of Course Angling – Federation National

Dates: Sunday 1st September

Waters: Queensberry, Wallace & Bruce’s Acre

SFCA ” National” results.
40 anglers fished.

Bruce’s Acre
Section 1
1st – Simon Heyes – 97lb 10oz p13
2nd – Rosen Arsov – 50lb 8oz p14
3rd – Steven Black – 14lb 4oz p1
4th – Mark Gordon – 9lb 10oz p3
5th – Gerry Blythe – 8lb p2
Section 2
1st – Derek Brady – 34lb 2oz p5
2nd – Scott Bond – 33lb 8oz p11
3rd – Steve Royle – 19lb p4
4th – Jim Anderson – 16lb 8oz p12
Section 3
1st – Jimmy Jones – 57lb 12oz p7
2nd – Ian Whitson – 34lb 8oz p10
3rd – Darrin Ferguson – 25lb 8oz p9
4th – Barry Lindsay – 8lb p6

Queensberry Water
Section 1
1st – James Woodrow – 62lb 14oz p19
2nd – Barry Young – 47lb 8oz p15
3rd – Dougie Campbell – 19lb 4oz p16
4th – David Mcgregor – 14lb 8oz p18
5th – Gary Mckay – 12lb 10oz p17
Section 2
1st – Steve Wood – 73lb p22
2nd – Andrew Keogh – 37lb 12oz p20
3rd – Symon Willan – 23lb p24
4th – Scott Lawrence – 18lb 10oz p23
5th – David Joseph – DNW p21
Section 3
1st – Matt Baxter – 49lb 4oz p28
2nd – Stuart Dawson – 31lb 8oz p26
3rd – Chris Scott – 23lb p25
4th – Wullie Mcauley – 12lb 4oz p27
5th – Martin McLaren – 3lb 8oz p29

Wallace Lake
Section 1
1st – John Perella – 78lb 6oz p31
2nd – Mark Acton – 69lb 2oz p32
3rd – David Corcoran – 62lb 10oz p35
4th – Kyle Kirkpatrick – 15lb 6oz p33
5th – Roz Cassidy – 12lb 4oz p36
6th – Jamie McGlinchey – 9lb 10oz p34
Section 2
1st – Craig Duncan – 46lb 6oz p43
2nd – Ian Hickson – 46lb p46
3rd – Ricky Pentland – 40lb 2oz p42
4th – Mark Lyons – 36lb 12oz p47
5th – Heather Laurieston – 19lb 2oz p44
6th – Simon Coope – 6lb 4oz p45

A fantastic turnout of 40 anglers for the match today, spread over three waters.
Weather-wise it was mainly dry, but two very heavy showers and the odd rumble of thunder with gusty winds from time to time.
Fishing, in general, was patchy in places with silvers feeding on and off on the pole lines and a few carp playing ball in certain areas, but some lovely nets of fish and respectable weights from all three waters today.
On Bruce’s Acre, Simon Heyes was the lucky ? man to draw in form culvert peg 13, and it didn’t disappoint.!
Simon weighed in a superb 97lb 10oz to win his section and the match overall., mainly carp with a few silvers for good measure. ?
Section 2 was a close one, with Derek Brady just nicking the section win by a mere 10oz with a net of silvers.
Section 3 saw Jimmy Jones win comfortably from corner peg 7 with a nice net of carp for 57lb 12oz.
On Queensberry water section 1 was won by James Woodrow with a mix of carp and big ide for 62lbs 14oz.
Section 2 saw Steve Wood put together a nice catch of carp and a few silvers for a very decent weight of 73lbs.
Section 3 and it was that man with the paste Matt Baxter who had a late flurry of carp to take the section win with 49lb 4oz.
Wallace Lake next, and a fair old tussle ensued between the top 3. John Perella won from peg 31 with 78lb 6oz, a nice net of carp which also got him second overall in the match.
Worthy of mention were Mark Acton in 2nd place in section with 69lb 2oz, and David Corcoran 3rd with 62lb 10oz. ?
Section 2 was another very close contest, with Craig Duncan winning the section by a mere 6oz.!! With 46lb 6oz, with Ian Hickson on 46lb
It doesn’t get much closer than that.!!
Well done guys I hope you all enjoyed the match and many thanks for supporting the SFCA National, and also for supporting Broom fishery…

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