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Scottish Federation Of Course Angling – Federation Cup

Dates: Sunday 28th April

SFCA Federation Cup
Draw at 9am
Fish 11am to 4.30pm

Organisers name: Barry Young Tel: 07593455 939
Standard Broom Match Rules Apply


Broom fisheries Match results
” SFCA” Federation Cup
30 anglers fished
Wallace Lake / Queensberry Water

Wallace Lake Section 3
1st – Barry Young – 51lb (p45)
2nd – John Williamson – 26lb 8oz (p44)
3rd – Dave Walker – 20lb 2oz (p47)
4th – Derek Brady – 16lb 4oz (p46)
5th – Jim Anderson – 12lb 6oz (p43)
Wallace Lake Section 1
1st – James Woodrow – 42lb 10oz (p32)
2nd – Andrew Gladwin – 33lb 2oz (p35)
3rd – Martin Greene – 32lb 4oz (p33).
4th – Dave Wardman – 21lb 4oz (p34)
5th – Eddie Bibby – 13lb 2oz (p36)
Wallace Lake Section 2
1st – Craig Henderson – 29lb 2oz (p42)
2nd – David Mcgregor – 16lb 8oz (p41)
3rd – Craig Duncan – 15lb 8oz (p37)
4th – Mark Act – 14lb 4oz (p38).
5th – Symon Willan – DNW (p39)

Queensberry Water section 3
1st – David Corcoran – 45lb 4oz (p28).
2nd – Gerry Blythe – 33lb 10oz (p26)
3rd – Ian Whitson – 25lb (p25).
4th – Brian Docherty – 23lb 12oz (p29)
5th – David Joseph – DNW (p27)
Queensberry Water section 2
1st – Colin Hart – 40lb 4oz (p20).
2nd – Geoff Whittle – 37lb (p21)
3rd – Ricky Pentland – 19lb 12oz (p24).
4th – Matt Baxter – 15lb 2oz (p23) (DQ)
5th – Mick Slater – 14lb 14oz (p22) (DQ)
Queensberry Water section 1
1st – David McAuley – 30lb 8oz (p15).
2nd – Rosen Arsov – 29lb 12oz (p17)
3rd – Steve Royle – 29lb 10oz (p19).
4th – Martin McLaren – 16lb 12oz (p16)
5th – John Perella – 15lb 8oz (p18)

A lovely dry & mild day greeted the 30 anglers that turned out to fish the SFCA ” Fed cup” match today, maybe not the big weights everyone expected, but some respectable ones and some very close sections. ?.!
The heavy rain  and hail yesterday had cleared the water quite a bit with lots of shy bites today impacting on the fishing ?.
With some very good anglers drawing some very good pegs, things were going to be interesting.. Or so we thought.!!
The overall match winner today was Barry Young from Wallace Lake Section 3, peg 45.
A good area but not one of the favourites today for sure.. Especially with top angler James Woodrow drawing hot end peg 32.
Barry caught 36 ide and 4 skimmers on the pole on maggots, along with 7 carp on the method feeder to weigh in 51lbs, no one was more shocked than him when he found out he’d won overall, but a great weight considering how tough it had fished.
Expectations were high with James Woodrow drawing end peg 32, but today the carp just didn’t show up in any numbers to do a big weight. However, James still fished a good match to put 42lbs 10oz on the scales, winning his section and finishing 3rd overall.
Wallace Lake Section 2 was a little tougher with everyone scrapping away for every bite they could get, and Craig Henderson came out on top with a few carp and silvers to weigh in 29lb 2oz and take the section win.
On Queensberry Water, it was another unfancied peg that came out on top.
David Corcoran drew peg 28 and put in a great shift catching big ide, skimmers and roach on the pole.. David weighed in a superb 45lb 4oz to win his section, the lake, and finished 2nd overall. ?
Section 2 was a close one, with Colin Hart drawing culvert peg 20 he got into a close tussle with Geoff Whittle on neighbouring peg 21.
Eventually, Colin came out on top with 40lbs 4oz winning the section and finishing 4th overall… With Geoff having to settle for second in the section with a respectable 37lbs.
Section 1 on Queensberry Water was a very close one too, with only 14oz separating the top 3.
David Mcauley won the section with a mix of carp and skimmers for 30lbs 8oz, narrowly beating Rosen Arsov who’d weighed in 29lb 12oz, with Steve Royle coming close too on 29lb 10oz… One more fish could have swung the result the other way… But a well-contested section and good effort from all.
Winners :
1st – Barry Young
2nd – David Corcoran
Sections :
Barry Young
David Corcoran
James Woodrow
Colin Hart
David Mcauley
Craig Henderson
Another well supported SFCA match.. Many thanks to all who supported the match and fishery on another enjoyable day.

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