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Scottish Federation Of Course Angling – Broom Open Event

Dates: Sunday 24th March

Entry Fee: £22

Waters: Wallace, Queensberry & Bruces Acre

SFCA Broom ” Open Match”
Draw at 9am,
Fish 11am to 4.30pm
All usual SFCA match rules will apply.
Entry fee is £22
Covers peg fee, pools, £1 goes to trophies, other £1 to golden peg
Golden peg will exceed £600 due to the current match entry.
Organisers name: Barry Young Tel: 07593455 939
Standard Broom Match Rules Apply


Broom Fisheries
Broom SFCA Open Match
43 anglers fished

Bruce’s Acre section 1
1st – Pete Armstrong – 80lb 8oz (p13)
2nd – Symon Willan – 68lb 10oz (p14)
3rd – Derek Brady – 26lb 2oz (p1)
4th – Gary Black – 10lb 6oz (p2)
5th – David Corcoran – 5lb 8oz (p3)

Bruce’s Acre section 2
1st – Steve Royle – 27lb 8oz (p12)
2nd – Barry Lindsay – 26lb 2oz (p11)
3rd – Tony Ball – 12lb 14oz (p5)
4th – Derek Reilly – 5lb 8oz (p4)
5th – Brian Docherty – DNW (p10)

Bruce’s Acre section 3
1st – James Woodrow – 22lb (p8)
2nd – Scott Mcghee – 19lb 2oz (p6)
3rd – Steve Wood – 17lb (p7)
4th – John Perella – 15lb 8oz (p9)

Queensberry Water section 1
1st – Dave Wardman – 52lb 8oz (p16)
2nd – Nick Howe – 29lb 14oz (p18)
3rd – James Carlton – 26lb 10oz (p15)
4th – Jim Anderson – 24lb 12oz (p19)
5th – Russ JD – 24lb 8oz (p17)

Queensberry Water section 2
1st – Ian Whitson – 62lb 12oz (p21)
2nd – Martin Greene – 57lb 12oz (p24)
3rd – Andrew Gladwin – 29lb 14oz (p23)
4th – Rob Swan – 20lb 4oz (p20)
5th – Dougie Campbell – 12lb (p22)

Queensberry Water section 3
1st – Rosen Arsov -, 38lb (p26)
2nd – Mark Acton – 34lb 10oz (p27)
3rd – Geoff Whittle – 26lb 2oz (p29)
4th – David Mcgregor – 19lb 10oz (p28)
5th – Ronnie Ogilvie – 7lb 6oz (p25)

Wallace Lake Section 1
1st – David Joseph – 56lb 10oz (p32)
2nd – Mike Hammond – 24lb 14oz (p35)
3rd – Geoffrey Brough – 6lb 10oz (p34)
4th – Michael Harkness – 5lb 8oz (p36)
5th – Bill Bright – DNW – (p33)

Wallace Lake Section 2
1st – James Dornom – 10lb 10oz (p39)
2nd – Dave Walker – 9lb 14oz (p37)
3rd – Stuart Dalglish – 9lb 8oz (p38)
4th – John Williamson – 7lb 8oz (p41)

Wallace Lake Section 3
1st – Craig Duncan – 49lb 8oz (p47)
2nd – Gerry Blythe – 40lb 4oz (p46)
3rd – Barry Young – 23lb 8oz (p44)
4th – Eddie Bibby – 23lb (p43)
5th – Matt Baxter – 13lb 4oz (p45)

Dry but a gusting wind today making pole fishing a bit challenging, but perfect for those that opted to fish feeder rods.!!
On Bruce’s Acre, everyone hoped to draw the culvert pegs, and they didn’t disappoint.!
Pete Armstrong made the most of drawing peg 13 by winning his section, the lake and Overall match with an impressive 80lbs 8oz.
Symon Willan was worthy of a mention finishing second overall in the match from peg 14 with 68lb 10oz of carp caught on the tip rod.
Section 2 was won by Steve Royle with a net of small skimmers for 27lb 8oz, with James Woodrow winning section 3 with 22lbs.
On Queensberry Water it was the feeder rods that helped produce the big weights, Dave Wardman winning section 1 with 52lb 8oz… Mainly Carp.
Section 2 produced some great weights also on the feeder rods, Ian Whitson winning the section with a superb 62lb 12oz net of nice carp, with Martin Greene pushing him all the way weighing in 57lb 12oz of carp also on the tip rod.
A similar story in section 3 with Broom regular Rosen Arsov winning the section with 38lbs of carp…
Carp seemed to dominate today on the feeder rods with bait presentation on the pole very difficult to tempt any great numbers of quality silverfish.
On Wallace Lake it was a familiar story, David Joseph drew hot end peg 32, and he fished well to put 56lb 10oz on the scales, all Carp with two skimmers on tip rod, winning the section and Lake.
Section 2 was a real grueller for all, usually a good area for silvers but today they were having none of it… But James Dornom did just enough to win with 10lbs 10oz, a net of small ide caught on pole.
Section 3 again was dominated by carp, with Craig Duncan coming out on top on end peg 47 with 49lb 8oz, although he had around 20lbs of silvers to help him along caught on pole, with the carp caught on the tip rod.
Worthy of mention was Gerry Blythe who had a great late run of carp on the feeder to weigh 40lbs 4oz.
Some great nets of fish recorded today, mainly carp but impressive for the time of year.
Many thanks to all who supported the Fishery and SFCA match today… Nice to see a big match and very well attended… Hope everyone enjoyed the fishery and superb fishing…

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