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Office Number: 01461 700 386
Fishery Manager: 07850 157 668

Salterbeck AC

Dates: 15th September - 6th October

Waters: Bruces Arcre

Organisers: John Last 01946832733, mob 07803031438, Nick Aldersey 07739519301

23rd June
1st Sept
15th Sept
6th Oct

The event is open to non club members, but they must book in with Nick Aldersey before the match

Draw 09:00

All In 10:30

All Out 16:30


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Shane Pike

37lb 00oz

Nick Aldersey

33lb 04oz

Paul Whitworth

24lb 08oz

Mike Laycock

20lb 08oz

Peter Eslick

19lb 02oz

John Last

14lb 10oz

Alan White

07lb 06oz

Danny Nicholson

05lb 12oz

Round 2


Peg Name Weight
14 Shane Pike 67lb 10oz
12 D. Lines 53lb 04oz
13 M. Cook 42lb 08oz
2 Nick Aldersey 41lb 08oz
7 D. Foster 27lb 00oz
10 J. Carlton 26lb 12oz
3 D. Walker 25lb 14oz
1 P. Whitworth 25lb 00oz
6 M. Laycock 13lb 00oz
5 D.Nicholson 08lb 12oz
9 A. White 05lb 00oz


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