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Gordon Clark Memorial Match 16th Oct 2022

Dates: Sunday 16th October

Waters: Wallace, Queensberry

Gordon Clark Memorial Match 16th Oct 2022

16th October 2022 Broom fishery Annan
The match will be limited to 30
Pegs over Queensbury and Wallace’s lake.
The draw will be done live on Facebook the night before the match.
All in at 11 am and all out at 4:30
The combined ticket fee and pools for the day is £25 and your name will be added to the list once Payment is received upfront. Please message me for payment details.
I am so grateful that once again we have the support of our great sponsor Blakes Baits. Their support to the event has been unreal. Can I ask that you all give them our support in return please take 2 minutes to like Blake’s Baits Facebook page and have a look at the products……. Especially the commercial master’s range ????


Broom Match Rules




All standard fishery rules displayed at the fishery apply to this competition.

Fishing will commence and cease upon a signal given by the match organiser.

Each competitor may only use one hook and one line at any one time. Barbless hooks only.

No ground baiting or feeding until commencement of fishing.

No fishing allowed without the use of an acceptable bite indicator, i.e. float or marked tip.

You cannot fish with one set-up whilst feeding with another set-up, you can however feed by hand or catapult whilst


Swim Limits


Queesnsberry: No fishing past half way between your peg and the next occupied peg, with no limit out in front.

Wallace: No fishing past half way between your peg and the next occupied peg, with no limit out in front.

Bio Security


All keep nets and landing nets must be dipped in antiseptic dip provided at the fishery then laid out on the bank in UV light and must not be placed in the water until 15 minutes before the start of the match.

Tackle Rule

All keepnets and landing nets must be of a fish friendly type.

All fishing rigs must have a separate hook length, no straight through rigs allowed

Additional Rules


Any competitor leaving his/her peg for whatever reason must withdraw his/her line from the water or he/her will be disqualified.

If a competitor is playing a fish when all out is called, an additional 20 minutes is allowed to land that fish.

All fish over 2oz but be netted, no swinging fish to hand will be permitted.

Competitors must complete four out of the six rounds to qualify for any of the prizes

All competitors must ensure their peg is litter free at the match end to qualify for weigh in.

Peg area must be cleared of all obstructions prior to weighing to facilitate an efficient/safe weigh in and fish return process.

The angler must be present at the weigh in of his/her own catch.

Keepnets must be used, silver fish and carp must be kept separately.

Maximum weight per net 50lbs, with 20% margin for error i.e. 60lbs for carp only. Silver fish 40lb per net with a 20% margin of error.

Carp nets over 65lb will result in the whole net weight being disqualified.

Silver fish over 55lb will result in disqualification also.

The weigh in will be carried out by the match organiser’s or persons appointed by the match organizers.

Netted fish will be removed from the water and returned to the water by the weigh in official.

The weigh in official will be the sole judge of the scale weight reading.

Any competitor breaking any of these match rules or fishery rules may be disqualified from the match or series.

Any objections/complaints must be lodged with the match organizers before the end of the weigh in.

In the event of any objections or complaints being lodged, the match organisers’ decision will be final.

In the case of a points tie situation the decision will then go to a weight decision.

The match organisers reserve the right to refuse entry to any angler.

These rules and the competition format may be subject to change at any time by the organizers.

Broom Fisheries is a trading division of Broom Leisure Limited, The Lodge, Broom Farm Estate, Annan DG12 5PF

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