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Daiwa Super League 2017

Dates: Sunday 17th September

Waters: Wallace, Queensberry & Square

Round 4 – Final

The Square, Queensberry and Wallace’s were used today. Conditions weren’t great bright sunshine, yes you heard me sunshine.
Some good weights to decide the winners.

The Square Section

1st Scott Bond – 32lb 4oz (6)
2nd Ian Whitson – 27lb 4oz (2)
3rd John Callahan –  22lb 6oz (8)
4th David Corcorran – 14lb (7)
5th Jeff Whittle – 12lb 12oz (3) (GP)
6th Don Lines – 12lb 10oz (1)
7th James Carlton – 9lb 10oz (4)
8th Mark Lyons – 9lb2oz (10)
9th Derek Foster –  3lb 15oz (9)
10th Glen Lawlor – 3lb 8oz (5)


Section 2 – Queensberry

1st James Woodrow –   66lb (25)
2nd John Wright  – 42lb 12oz (26)
3rd Scott Macher  – 29lb (17)
4th Steve Royle – 26lb 03oz (21)
5th James Dormon – 20lb 12oz (23)
6th David McGregor – 18lb 14oz (20)
7th Ian Hickson – 17lb 04oz (22)
8th Dave Walker – 17lb (19)
9th Dave Wardman – 9lb 10oz (18) (GP)
10th John Willianson – 9lb (24)

Wallace Water Section

1st Rob Swan  – 51lb 8oz (42)
2nd Rosen Arsov  – 44lb 8oz (38)
3rd Gary Black  – 32lb (45)
4th Martin Greene – 30lb (40)
5th Colin Hart – 28lb (44)
6th Craig Duncan – 19lb (36)
7th Mark Clow – 14lb 8oz (41) (GP)
8th Symon Willan – 14lb 2oz
9th Matt Baxter – 7lb 4oz (39)
10th Paul Hodkin – 2lb 8oz (43)



1st Broom Dynamite
2nd Daiwa A
3rd Magiscroft A
4th Daiwa B
5th Broom A
6th Carp Demi
7th Salterbeck AC
8th Outourdepth
9th Team with no name
10th Daiwa C
11th The Avengers
12th Magiscroft B


Individual Top 5

1st James Woodrow
2nd Ian Whitson
3rd Gary Black
4th Steve Royle
5th Rosen Arsov

Well done to Broom Dynamite on a convincing win over the 4 match series. Well done James Woodrow who only dropped 1 point over the series. Thanks to Dave McAuley for organising another great series. Thanks also to Daiwa for sponsoring the event.




Round 3

It was from one extreme to the other weather wise, last week, 28mph winds and heavy rain, this week very bright and very warm, with a perfect ripple when it wasn’t flat calm..! Sunbathing conditions… Perfect, fishing conditions… Not perfect..! 

The Square Section
1st – James Woodrow – 36lb (p12)(GP)
2nd – Ian Whitson – 23lb 8oz (p11)
3rd – Rob Swan Angling – 19lb 4oz (p10)
4th – Ian Hickson – 16lb 4oz (p6)
5th – Gary Black – 13lb (p4)
6th – Rosen Arsov – 11lb (p2)(GP)
7th – Nick Howe – 9lb 6oz (p7)
8th – Derek Foster – 9lb 4oz (p1)
9th – Derek Brady – 8lb 6oz (p8)
10th – Geoff Whittle – 8lb 2oz (p3)
11th – Mark Clow – 4lb 4oz (p5)
12th – Robert Egedi – 4lb (p9)

The Square
James Woodrow ( Magiscroft.) won comfortably with 36lbs, catching carp in the margins as well as a net of silvers. Ian Whitson ( Daiwa A.) was a well earned 2nd on a tough day, weighing in 23lbs 8oz, mainly silvers on pole. Rob Swan ( Broom DYNAMITE.) fished shallow for roach all day, and with a decent net of roach, and a bonus ide and big chub, finished a well earned 3rd.

Queensberry Water Section
1st – Don Lines – 42lb 6oz (p18)(GP)
2nd – Steve Royle – 38lb 14oz (p23)
3rd – Paul Hodkin – 35lb 4oz (p25)
4th – Gus Brindle – 34lb 2oz (p20)
5th – John Callahan – 33lb 12oz (p17)
6th – Scott Macher – 32lb (p28)
7th – James Dornom – 29lb 8oz (p19)
8th – Symon Willan – 28lb 2oz (p24)
9th – David Corcoran – 28lb (p27)
10th – James Carlton – 27lb 4oz (p22)
11th – A Silcock – 21lb 12oz (p26)
12th – Craig Duncan – 18lb (p21)

Don Lines (Broom A)caught carp and big ide on pole / maggot to win the section with 42lbs 6oz, with Steve Royle ( Broom DYNAMITE.) finishing a close 2nd with 38lb 14oz of carp caught on pellet waggler.
Paul Hodkin took 3rd place with some nice carp, weighing in 35lbs 4oz

Wallace Lake Section 
1st – Martin Greene – 62lb 2oz (p46)
2nd – David McAuley – 59lb 8oz (p43)
3rd – Barry Young – 40lb (p37)
4th – Myles Watt – 38lb 12oz (p34)
5th – John Williamson – 36lb 10oz (p42)
6th – Colin Hart – 33lb 8oz (p45)
7th – Stuart Dalgleish – 26lb 8oz (p35)
8th – David Mcgregor – 21lb 8oz (p38)
9th – Dave Walker – 16lb 10oz (p40)
10th – John Wright – 16lb 8oz (p36(GP)
11th – Dave Wardman – 15lb 10oz (p41)
12th – Matthew Waugh – 8lb 6oz (p39)

Martin Greene caught around 30lbs of carp and a similar weight of silvers to weigh in 62lb 2oz, winning the section and the overall match.
David McAuley ( Daiwa A.), had 10 carp and a good net of silvers to finish 2nd with 59lbs 8oz, with Barry Young ( Broom DYNAMITE.) finishing 3rd with 40lbs.





Round 2

The Square Section
1st – James Dornom – 31lb 10oz (p11)
2nd – James Woodrow – 30lb 8oz (p10)
3rd – John Callahan – 29lb (p4)
4th – Craig Duncan – 27lb 8oz (p8)
5th – Dave Walker – 22lb 14oz (p6)
6th – Rob Swan Angling – 22lb 8oz (p3)
7th – Myles Watt – 22lb (p2)
8th – Mark Clow – 15lb 12oz (p1)
9th – Nick Aldersey – 15lb (p7)
10th – Matthew Waugh – 13lb 4oz (p9)
11th – Derek Brady – 11lb 4oz (p5)
12th – Dave Wardman – 8lb 10oz (p12)

The Square
Was a tough section to win with the bright sunshine and very little wind, but James Dornom came out on top with a respectable net of silvers for 31lbs 10oz, the ever consistent James Woodrow followed closely behind with another nice net of silvers for 30lbs 8oz.
John Callahan was a very close 3rd with a mix of silvers and small carp for 29lbs, it doesn’t get much closer than that..!!
On the Square section, James Woodrow ( Magiscroft.) won comfortably with 36lbs, catching carp in the margins as well as a net of silvers. Ian Whitson ( Daiwa A.) was a well earned 2nd on a tough day, weighing in 23lbs 8oz, mainly silvers on pole. Rob Swan ( Broom DYNAMITE.) fished shallow for roach all day, and with a decent net of roach, and a bonus ide and big chub, finished a well earned 3rd.


Queensberry Water section
1st – Barry Young – 67lb 12oz (p20)
2nd – Ian Whitson – 37lb 12oz (p28)
3rd – David Mcgregor – 34lb (p21)
4th – David Corcoran – 30lb 8oz (p24)
5th – Don Lines – 28lb 10oz (p18)
6th – Symon Willan – 22lb 10oz (p22)
7th – Martin Greene – 22lb 4oz (p26)
8th – Derek Foster – 20lb 12oz (p17)
9th – Brian Docherty – 20lb 8oz (p19)
10th – Steve Wood – 19lb 15oz (p23)
11th – Stuart Dalgleish – 14lb 4oz (p27)
12th – Ian Hickson – 8lb 2oz (p25)

On Queensberry the fishing was patchy with the fish feeding the for short spells, strangely more so early in the match, with the middle period very quiet, then a very late flurry in the last half hour.
Barry Young won the section and overall match with a cracking 67lbs 12oz, 25lb of small carp and 42lb 12oz of skimmers, with 4 chub and two ide thrown in, all caught on method feeder and hard 8mm pellet, his pole line only produced 2 small F1 carp.
Ian Whitson caught well late on catching carp and a nice barbel on pole in margin to weigh in 37lb 12oz for 2nd in section.
David Mcgregor took 3rd place with a nice net of ide and one or two skimmers on pole for 34lbs, a good effort on a tough day.

Wallace Lake Section
1st – Gary Black – 56lb 8oz (p41)
2nd – Colin Hart – 44lb 14oz (p45)
3rd – Robert Egedi – 41lb 9oz (p35)
4th – Steve Royle – 38lb 12oz (p43)
5th – Scott Macher – 36lb 8oz (p34)
6th – Rosen Arsov – 31lb 12oz (p36)
7th – Paul Spencer – 30lb (p44)
8th – David McAuley – 26lb (p42)
9th – James Carlton – 22lb 8oz (p38)
10th – John Wright – 20lb 8oz (p37)
11th – Gus Brindle – 19lb 14oz (p39)
12th – Jeff Whittle – 13lb 6oz (p40)
On Wallace Lake Gary Black won convincingly from unfancied peg 41, catching carp, skimmers and ide on worm fished over pellet on pole for a cracking 56lbs 8oz.
Colin Hart put a nice net of carp and silvers together to weigh in a superb 44lbs 14oz, all caught on pole from end peg 45.
Robert Egedi was a respectable 3rd with a few small carp and a good net of small Ide for 41lbs 9oz, again caught on pole.


Round 1 – 11th June 2017

The Square section
1st – Brian Docherty – 39lb 2oz (p7)
2nd – Rosen Arsov – 28lb 12oz (p2)
3rd – Stuart Dalgleish – 24lb 3oz (p12)
4th – Robert Egedi – 20lb 6oz (p8)
5th – Derek Foster – 20lb (p6)
6th – Barry Young – 16lb 10oz (p5)(GP)
7th – Don Lines – 16lb (p11)
8th – John Callahan – 14lb (p10)
9th – Ian Hickson – 12lb 14oz (p9)
10th – James Dornom – 10lb 5oz (p3)
11th – Colin Hart – 8lb 12oz (p4)
12th – Jeff Whittle – 8lb 4oz

Queensberry Water section
1st – David McAuley – 30lb 12oz (p19)
2nd – Dave Wardman – 25lb 15oz (p21)
3rd – Scott Bond – 25lb 4oz (p23)
4th – Mark Clow – 23lb 2oz (p24)
5th = Paul Hodkin – 21lb 12oz (p17)(GP)
5th = Gus Brindle – 21lb 12oz (p25)
7th – David Corcoran – 21lb 8oz (p28)
8th – Scott Macher – 14lb (p18)
9th – David Mcgregor – 9lb (p22)
10th – Scott Mcghee – 6lb 1oz (p20)
11th – James Carlton – 5lb 4oz (p26)
12th – John Williamson – 4lb 10oz (p27)

Wallace Lake section 
1st – James Woodrow – 28lb (p34)
2nd – Gary Black – 27lb 8oz (p45)
3rd – Ian Whitson – 24lb (p42)
4th – Steve Royle – 21lb (p35)
5th – Craig Duncan – 18lb 4oz (p39)
6th – Myles Watt – 15lb 8oz (p43)
7th – John Wright – 14lb 8oz (p44)(GP)
8th – Derek Brady – 11lb 8oz (p40)
9th – Paul Spencer – 10lb 8oz (p37)
10th – Symon Willan – 9lb (p38)
11th – Mark Lyons – 8lb 12oz (p36)
12th – Matthew Waugh – 5lb 14oz (p41)

A bit rough for fishing would be an understatement, although it remained mainly dry for the duration of the match, the 45 mph gusts didn’t help, with at least 5 anglers breaking pole sections.
The heavy rain over the previous days had upped the levels in the lakes, unsettling the fish with very little feeding activity going on, bites were slow and every fish was a prison today..!
On the Square Brian Docherty drew peg 7, one of only two with the wind coming over his back, and he won comfortably catching carp, tench, ide and skimmers on pole, for 39lb 2oz, giving him a section win and overall individual match win.
Rosen Arsov finished 2nd with a net of small carp for 28lb 12oz., caught on feeder.
Stuart Dalgleish was a well earned 3rd in section with 24lb 3oz, a mix of small carp and silvers.
On Queensberry Water David McAuley won his section with 30lbs 12oz, catching ide and skimmers on pole.
Dave Wardman was 2nd with a net of mixed species for 25lb 15oz, with Scott Bond very close behind on 25lb 4oz for 3rd in section.
Wallace Lake fished very hard compared to recent match weights, with the wind reaking havoc for those pole fishing, but James Woodrow made the most of his end peg advantage to win the section with a net of silvers for 28lbs.
Gary Black was a very close 2nd from end peg 45, only 8oz behind James, with 27lb 8oz.
Ian Whitson took 3rd place on a tough day with 24lbs.
Top 4 individuals ;
1st – Brian Docherty
2nd – David McAuley
3rd – Rosen Arsov
4th – James Woodrow
The winning team in round one was ” BROOM DYNAMITE “.. Barry Young, Steve Royle and Scott Bond, who scored 13pts, narrowly pipping ” DAIWA ” A”, David McAuley, Ian Whitson and James Dornom on 14pts.
Well done guys on a rough day for all, and many thanks for a fantastically supported match.
Broom Series Round 3 next Sunday, the ” Water Draw ” will be posted on the Broom match fishing club page later in tonight.


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