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Crazy Pegs Open 15th January 2017

Dates: Sunday 15th January

Waters: Queensberry and Bruces Acre

Broom Fisheries – ” Crazy Pegs ” Open Match results

( 15 fished. ) – Paying out Top 4 overall

Queensberry = Q

Bruces Acre = B

  • 1st – Geoff Whittle – 37lb 2oz (Q20)
  • 2nd – Michael James Harkness – 25lb 10oz (Q18)
  • 3rd – Barry Young – 12lb 8oz (Q25)
  • 4th – Craig Duncan – 11lb 7oz (Q22)
  • 5th – David Mcgregor – 9lb 12oz (Q23)
  • 6th – Rob Swan Angling – 9lb 8oz (Q26)
  • 7th – Steve Royle – 8lb (Q19)
  • 8th – Dave Walker – 7lb 6oz (Q21)
  • 9th – Myles Watt – 7lb (B1)
  • 10th – Paul Spencer – 3lb 12oz (Q24)
  • 11th – Ian Hickson – 2lb 10oz (B10)
  • 12th= Don Lines – DNW (B6)
  • 12th= Bill Jones – DNW (Q28)
  • 12th = Mark Clow – DNW (Q29)
  • 12th= Symon Willan – DNW (B4)

A nice mild day with Temps of 10 degrees, overcast and flat calm, but the overnight rain had put a foot of water in Queensberry Water / Bruces Acre – and the omens were not good! 

Geoff Whittle ran away with the overall win with 28lbs of carp and 9lb 2oz of silvers, caught on bomb n maggot. 

Now for 2nd place, Michael James Harkness is turning from Serial “SHAMER” to serial “FRAMER”…  Picking up another envelope after catching a nice net of carp on maggot feeder – well done AGAIN mate.! 

Barry Young chose peg 25, and managed 2 chub, 2 good skimmers and about 60 small skimmers / roach and perch for 3rd place, with Craig Duncan taking the last framing spot with a few skimmers and a good ide caught late on. 

Quite a few carp caught yet again, which seemed to be coming in and sitting over the groundbait on the pole lines, reluctant to feed but bullying off the skimmers at the same time… you could feel them as you lifted your rig gently. 

Thoroughly enjoyable day, great fun as always with the guys. 

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