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Broom Winter League 2019/20

Dates: 8th December - 2nd February

Waters: Wallace & Queensberry

Broom Winter League 2019/20

Sponsored by Daiwa

Round 1 – 8th December

Round 2 – 22nd December (Fur N Feather)

Round 3 – 5th January

Round 4 – 19th January

Round 5 – 2nd February


Limited Entry 24 Anglers, Entry Fee £50 cash

All entries are on a first come first served basis and must be paid on or before the 1st December at the Broom Fisheries Tackle Shop

Bloodworm and Joker will be allowed, limited to a standard match pack.

Matches will be Float and Feeder (no method feeders) fished to CIPS International rules with exception matches will be 5 hours.


Bait limits

Bloodworm and Joker + 1/2 kilo worms

4pts other baits


1-kilo worms + 4pts other baits


Payout (Based on full entry)

£100 plus section pool for the winner of each round.



1st – £325 + £200 Daiwa Tackle Voucher

2nd – £225 + £150 Daiwa Tackle Voucher

3rd – £150 + £100 Daiwa Tackle Voucher

4th – £100 + £50 Daiwa Tackle Voucher


Section pools £10 and peg fee £10 payable on the day of each round.


The overall winner will be decided on section points.
With best 4 Results from the 5 matches counting.


Each round will be fished in 2 sections of 12 on each lake with mini sections of 6 in each section to score section points.


Round 1 & 3 will be an open draw with round 2 & 4 rotating to the other lake, with round 5 being an open draw.


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