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Broom Winter League 2019/20

Dates: 19th January - 2nd February

Waters: Wallace & Queensberry

Broom Winter League 2019/20

Sponsored by Daiwa

Round 1 – 8th December

Round 2 – 22nd December (Fur N Feather)

Round 3 – 5th January

Round 4 – 19th January

Round 5 – 2nd February


Limited Entry 24 Anglers, Entry Fee £50 cash

All entries are on a first come first served basis and must be paid on or before the 1st December at the Broom Fisheries Tackle Shop

Bloodworm and Joker will be allowed, limited to a standard match pack.

Matches will be Float and Feeder (no method feeders) fished to CIPS International rules with exception matches will be 5 hours.


Bait limits

Bloodworm and Joker + 1/2 kilo worms

4pts other baits


1-kilo worms + 4pts other baits


Payout (Based on full entry)

£100 plus section pool for the winner of each round.



1st – £325 + £200 Daiwa Tackle Voucher

2nd – £225 + £150 Daiwa Tackle Voucher

3rd – £150 + £100 Daiwa Tackle Voucher

4th – £100 + £50 Daiwa Tackle Voucher


Section pools £10 and peg fee £10 payable on the day of each round.


The overall winner will be decided on section points.
With best 4 Results from the 5 matches counting.


Each round will be fished in 2 sections of 12 on each lake with mini sections of 6 in each section to score section points.


Round 1 & 3 will be an open draw with round 2 & 4 rotating to the other lake, with round 5 being an open draw.



Round 1 

Wallace Lake Section 1

1st – Steve Royle – 76lb 12oz p32
2nd – Ian Whitson – 48lb 14oz p34
3rd – Simon Heyes – 29lb 12oz p35
4th – Don Lines – DNW p36
5th – Rosen Arsov – absent p33
Section 2
1st – David Corcoran – 29lb 2oz p42
2nd – David Mcauley – 21lb 10oz  p46
3rd – Allan Pellow – 17lb 14oz p43
4th – Derek Brady – 12lb 8oz p45
5th – Scott Mcghee – 9lb 2oz p44

Queensberry Water Section 1
1st – Symon Willan – 22lb p22
2nd – Colin Hart – 21lb 10oz p23
3rd – Barry Young – 21lb p20
4th – Craig Duncan – 14lb 12oz p21
5th – John Williamson – 7lb 8oz p19
Section 2
1st – James Woodrow – 31lb 8oz p24
2nd – David Mcgregor – 17lb 8oz p25
3rd – Mark Lyons – 13lb 8oz p28
4th – Geoff Whittle – 4lb p27
5th – Kyle Kirkpatrick – 3lb p26

A very windy day with gusts up to 35mph, at least it stayed dry.!!
Steve Royle made the most of drawing hot peg 32 on Wallace Lake catching carp on the pole and tip rod to win the section and match with 76lb 12oz, with Ian Whitson recording a weight of 48lb 14oz to finish second in section 1.
Section 2 was won by David Corcoran with a nice mix of silvers weighing 29lb 2oz, with David Mcauley a respectable second with 21lb 10oz.
On Queensberry Water James Woodrow won section 2 and the lake with 31lb 8oz, mainly silvers caught on maggot/pole, with David Mcgregor second in section with 17lb 8oz.
Section 1 was a very close one, with Symon Willan winning with a few F1s and silvers caught on cage feeder/tip rod for 22lbs, with Colin Hart only 6oz behind on 21lb 10oz to take second, and Barry Young 3rd on 21lb, it doesn’t get much tighter than that.!!
Well done guys, some decent weights despite the horrendous winds today.!!

Round 2

Broom fisheries Winter league sponsored by Daiwa.
Round 2

Wallace Lake section 1
1st – Andrew Gladwin – 53lb 8oz p31 (NL)
2nd – Geoff Whittle – 52lb 10oz p32
3rd – David Mcgregor – 25lb p33
4th – Barry Young – 10lb 9oz p34
5th – Kyle Kirkpatrick – 3lb p36
6th – James Woodrow – 2lb 6oz p35

Wallace Lake section 2
1st – Craig Duncan – 13lb 8oz p44
2nd – Mark Lyons – 9lb 8oz p42
3rd – Dave Wardman – 6lb 12oz p31 (NL)
4th – Symon Willan – 3lb 2oz p43
5th – John Williamson – Absent p45
6th – Colin Hart – Absent p46

Queensberry water
Section 1
1st – Paul Barnet – 17lb 8oz p20 (NL)
2nd – Ian Whitson – 13lb p19
3rd – Steve Royle – 11lb 8oz p21
4th – David Mcauley – 8lb 4oz p18
5th – Simon Heyes – 7lb 7oz p22
6th – Derek Brady – 5lb 2oz p13

Section 2
1st – Scott Mcghee – 9lb 8oz p26
2nd – Don Lines – 8lb 14oz p25
3rd – Allan Pellow – 7lb 10oz p27
4th – David Corcoran – 7lb 8oz p24
5th – Rosen Arsov – 3lb 14oz p29
6th – Steve Wood – 1lb 6oz p28 (NL)

A tough day for most today, mild but with very cold rain showers, overcast and flat calm conditions.
The sections were pretty close overall with not a lot separating the field.
Well done to Andy Gladwin, Craig Duncan, Paul Barnett and Scott Mcghee on their section wins, many thanks to all who brought a prize for the ” Fur n Feather”, & to Liz and the cafe staff for a superb Xmas dinner to warm us all up after the match.!!

Round 3

Broom fisheries Winter league Round 3 sponsored by Daiwa.
Results :

Wallace Lake section 1
1st – Ian Whitson – 91lb p32
2nd – James Woodrow – 19lb 8oz p34
3rd – Colin Hart – 16lb 6oz p35
4th – David Corcoran – 14lb 12oz p33
5th – Mark Lyons – 12lb 10oz p36

Wallace Lake section 2
1st – Don Lines – 21lb (p45
2nd – John Williamson – 13lb 12oz p43
3rd – David Mcauley – 12lb 12oz p44
4th – Barry Young – 10lb 12oz p46
5th – Steve Royle – 10lb 6oz p42

Queensberry water
Section 1
1st – Simon Heyes – 32lb 2oz p20
2nd – Scott Mcghee – 24lb 14oz p23
3rd – Geoff Whittle – 19lb 10oz p19
4th = Rosen Arsov – 17lb p21
4th = Derek Brady – 17lb p22

Queensberry water section 2
1st – Craig Duncan – 24lb 8oz p25
2nd – Symon Willan – 17lb 4oz p17
3rd – David Mcgregor – 15lb 4oz p24
4th – Allan Pellow – 14lb p26
5th – Kyle Kirkpatrick – 8lb 8oz p28

A bit blustery today with strong winds and a horrible cold 30mins of rain mid match, but some nice fish caught none the less.
Ian Whitson stole the show by drawing the peg everyone wanted, peg 32 on Wallace Lake.
It didn’t disappoint and neither did he, weighing in a superb 91lbs of carp to win his section and the match.
In section 2 Don Lines opted to fish the maggot feeder rather than battle against the strong winds with the pole, a shrewd move as he fished steadily catching ide to win the section with 21lbs.
On Queensberry Water Simon Heyes drew peg 20 in section 1, it can be famine or feast in winter but sitting it out on the feeder produced 10 carp for 32lb 2oz and a section win.
Section 2 was won by Craig Duncan, a nice mix of fish for 24lb 8oz.
Well done everyone on a tough day weather wise.!

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