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Broom Spring League 2019

Selling out
Dates: 3rd March - 14th April

Waters: Wallace & Queensberry

Broom Spring League 2019
Silver Fish Only!

Round 1 3rd March
Round 2 17th March
Round 3 7th April
Round 4 14th April

Limited Entry 24 Anglers,
Entry Fee £50 per person

All entries must be paid on or before the 17th of February at the Tackle Shop

Bloodworm and Joker will be allowed, limited to a standard match pack.

Matches will be Float and Feeder (no method feeders) fished to CIPS International rules with exception matches will be 5 hours.

Bait limits
Bloodworm and Joker + 1/2 kilo worms
4pts other baits
1-kilo worms + 4pts other baits

Payout (Based on full entry)

£100 plus section pool for the winner of each round.

Overall League
1st £325
2nd £225
3rd £150
4th £100

Section pools £10 and peg fee £10 payable on the day of each round.

The overall winner will be decided on section points.
Each round will be fished in 2 sections of 12 on each lake with mini sections of 6 in each section to score section points.

Round 1 & 3 will be open draw with round 2 & 4 rotating to the other lake.

To book in please add your name to this post and make your entry fee payment at the fishery tackle shop.

1.David McAuley – Paid
2.Rob Swan
3.John Williamson – Paid
4.Scott McGhee – Paid
5.James Dornom – Paid
6.Craig Duncan – Paid
7.Derek Brady- Paid
8.Barry Young
9.James Woodrow- Paid
10.Stuart Dalgleish
11.Steve Royal – Paid
12.Ian Whitson – Paid
13. Gerry Blythe – Paid
14. Simon Heyes – Paid
15.Colin Hart – Paid
16.Mark Acton – Paid
17.Davie McGregor – Paid
18.David Corcoran – Paid
19.Mark Lyons
20.David Joseph
21.Eamonn OBrien
22.Scott Bond – Paid
23.Rosen Arson – Paid
24.Matthew Waugh


One space available

I will continue to take names on a reserve list. If anybody on the current list has to pull out or has not paid there entry fee by the 17th February then the place will be offered to the reserves.

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