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Broom Spring Festival

Sorry this event has sold out
Dates: 18th May - 19th May

Waters: Wallace, Queensberry

Cash Prize Fund    
1st  – £1000
2nd – £400
3rd – £150
4th – £100

Prize fund based on entry

Each lake will be split into sections of 7
Points will be awarded depending on where you finish in the section
First – 1 point,   Second – 2 points,   Third – 3 points and so on.
DNW will receive 7 points, regardless of how many anglers weigh in or are in the section.

Standard fishery rules Broom Match Rules

Entrants name will only appear in the list of anglers once payment has been received in full

Entry Fee £85 per angler
Payment can be made by the following methods:

Cash – Paid in the tackle shop

BACS – Broom Leisure Ltd – a/c No. 00272942 – sort code 83-15-19 – ref   “Your name”

Cheque – Made payable to Broom Leisure Ltd

– using the ‘Register and Pay’ button above




Broom Spring Festival day 1
Results :
Queensberry Water Section 2
1st – Ian Whitson – 69lb 2oz (p28)
2nd – Barry Young – 52lb 12oz (p24)
3rd – Graham Carter – 35lb (p27)
4th – Don Lines – 29lb (p25).
5th – Nick Aldersey – 28lb 4oz (p26)
6th – Ian Hickson – 23lb (p23)

Queensberry Water section 1
1st – Rosen Arsov – 42lb 8oz (p17)
2nd – Geoff Whittle – 40lb 4oz (p20)
3rd – Matty Threfal – 22lb 4oz (p21)
4th – John Williamson – 22lb (p18)
5th – Gary McKay – 14lb 2oz (p16)
6th – Symon Willan – 13lb 6oz (p19)

Wallace Lake Section 1
1st – Mike Hammond – 67lb 13oz (p32)
2nd – Myles Watt – 63lb 12oz (p34)
3rd – David Mcauley – 50lb (p33)
4th – Mick Slater – 35lb 4oz (p36)
5th – Mark Acton – 22lb 2oz (p35)
6th – Matt Baxter – 12lb 5oz (p37)

Wallace Lake Section 2
1st – Mark Clow – 45lb (p43)
2nd – Eddie Bibby – 44lb (p46)
3rd – Steve Royle – 43lb 12oz (p44)
4th – John Wright – 32lb (p47)
5th – Steven McLean – 29lb 4oz (p42)
6th – Ian Waddington – 21lb 8oz (p45)

A lovely dry, mild day, overcast but pretty much flat calm with the odd breeze.
The fish fed in short bursts throughout the match on both lakes, with some lovely mixed nets of fish weighed in. 😁
On Queensberry Water Ian Whitson and Rosen Arsov both won their respective sections, Ian with a mix of silvers on the pole & carp on the method feeder, and Rosen catching carp also on the method feeder.
Barry Young and Geoff Whittle were runners up in their sections going into day 2.
On Wallace Lake, it was Mike Hammond & Mark Clow who won their sections, Mike with nearly all Carp, and Mark with skimmers and ide.
Myles Watt and Eddie Bibby picked up the runner up places in the sections with good nets of ide and carp.
All to fish for tomorrow in day two.,with lots of anglers in contention to win the big £1000 top prize… Expect a few twists and turns along the way… There always is.!!

Broom Spring Festival day 2 results & overall results :
Wallace Lake Section 1
1st – Rosen Arsov – 112lb 13oz (p32)
2nd – Ian Whitson – 65lb 1oz (p33)
3rd – Barry Young – 46lb (p35)
4th – Matty Threfall – 42lb 8oz (p34)
5th – Graham Carter – 31lb 8oz (p36)
6th – Don Lines – 30lb (p37)

Wallace Lake Section 2
1st – Nick Aldersey – 50lb 4oz (p43)
2nd – Gary McKay – 41lb 4oz (p44)
3rd – John Williamson – 38lb 1oz (p47)
4th – Ian Hickson – 25lb (p46)
5th – Symon Willan – 19lb 12oz (p45)
6th – Geoff Whittle – 16lb 4oz (p42)

Queensberry Water section 1
1st – Matt Baxter – 50lb 8oz (p16)
2nd – John Wright – 37lb (p17)
3rd – Mike Hammond – 29lb (p19)
4th – Eddie Bibby – 17lb 8oz (p20)
5th – Steve McLean – 11lb (p21)
6th – Mick Slater – DNW (p18)

Queensberry Water section 2
1st – Myles Watt – 46lb 8oz (p23)
2nd – David Mcauley – 44lb 1oz (p26)
3rd – Mark Clow – 39lb 2oz (p27)
4th – Steve Royle – 35lb (p25)
5th – Ian Waddington – 30lb (p28)
6th – Mark Acton – 26lb 4oz (p24)

A bit drizzly in the morning, but cleared up and remained dry most of the day, overcast, mild but a bit of a stiff breeze at times.
It was all to fish for today with quite a few anglers in contention, and the drawbag would play a big part in the outcome of today’s match.
Expectations were high at the draw, with everyone keeping an eye on who’d drawn where.
To put a spanner in the works… Rosen Arsov drew end peg 32 ( section winner yesterday.), Ian Whitson drew peg 33 (. Section winner yesterday.) and Barry Young drew peg 35 (. 2nd in section yesterday.)… That sorted out 3 of them all in the same section on Wallace Lake… Although it did make Rosen a hot 🔥 favourite.!

Meanwhile, Mark Clow ( section winner yesterday) drew peg 27 on Queensberry, a tough section to be in, with Myles Watt ( second in section yesterday.) also in the same section. with Mike Hammond ( section winner yesterday) in the top section on peg 19… Again another tough one.
As the match progressed the writing was on the wall in the first hour. Rosen on end peg 32 opted to fish the method feeder, and with the Carp responding well he barely put it down all day. Rosen fished an excellent match to catch 40 + carp… which blew the rest of the field away 😁 At the weigh-in there was no surprise when THREE weighs were needed… A fantastic 112lbs 13oz. This gave Rosen a second section win, scoring a perfect 👌 2pts to win the overall festival and scoop the top £1000 prize 🏆.
A weight worthy of winning any final.. Congratulations Rosen. 😁
Ian Whitson on the next peg 33 had a decent day too, weighing on 65lb 1oz of carp, again caught on the method feeder which gave him 2nd in section. Ian finished on 3pts to finish 2nd overall in the festival… Well done Ian.!!
Barry Young managed a 3rd with 46lbs of ide and carp caught on the pole from peg 35.
Wallace Lake Section 2 was won by Nick Aldersey with a good net of carp on the method feeder and a few silvers on the pole for 50lb 4oz, with Gary McKay finishing second in section 2 with a nice net of ide caught on the pole for 41lb 4oz.
All in all Wallace Lake fished very well throughout today with some lovely nets of fish caught by all.
On Queensberry Water section 1, Matt Baxter came out on top with 50lb 8oz, mainly carp caught on the method feeder, with John Wright finishing second in section with a respectable 37lbs.
Section 2 and a few twists and turns along the way… But Myles Watt did just enough to win the section with 46lb 8oz, giving him a total two-day point score of 3pts to finish 3rd overall in the festival… Well fished Myles. 😁!
David Mcauley finished close behind to finish 2nd in section with 44lb 1oz with another nice net of fish caught on the pole, with Mark Clow managing a 3rd place from peg 27.
A great weekend, some great fishing, great laughs and the usual banter topped off by Rosen with his big ” Ton” weight. 😁
Many thanks to all who yet again supported the match and fishery, we hope you all enjoyed it. 😁.!

Overall results – Top 10
1st – Rosen Arsov – 2pts (155lb 5oz)
2nd – Ian Whitson – 3pts (134lb 12oz)
3rd – Myles Watt – 3pts (110lb 4oz)
4th – Mike Hammond – 4pts (96lb 13oz)
5th – Mark Clow – 4pts (84lb 2oz)
6th – Barry Young – 5pts (98lb 12oz)
7th – David Mcauley – 5pts (94lb 10oz)
8th – Nick Aldersey – 6pts (78lb 8oz)
9th – John Wright – 6pts (69lb )
10th – Eddie Bibby – 6pts (61lb 8oz)

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Broom Spring Series 2019 – Top Three

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