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Broom Series 2018

Sorry this event has sold out
Dates: Sunday 19th August

Waters: Wallace, Queensberry & Bruces Acre

Broom Series – 2018

13th May, 3rd June, 24th June, 15th July, 22nd July

Finals weekend 18th & 19th August

The format for this year’s Broom Series is as follows:

There will be 5 rounds counting the best 4 results.

It will be based on a league rather than automatic qualification.

Each lake will be split into sections of 7

Points will be awarded depending on where you finish in the section.
First – 1 point, Second – 2 points, Third – 3 points and so on.
DNW will receive 7 points, regardless of how many anglers weigh in or are in the section.
If you miss a round you will be awarded 8 points.

The top 14 anglers with the lowest points from the 5 rounds after dropping their worst result will qualify for the A Final.
Where points are tied, the angler with the most sections wins will qualify, If still tied then it will be decided on weight.


Broom Series Rules


Prize Fund

£1000 – A Final winner

£500 – 2nd

£250 – 3rd

£150 – 4th

£100 – 5th

£500 – Series Winner

Prizes subject to entry

B Final cash & tackle prizes (To be determined by sponsor)



Entry fee £160
Your name will not appear on the list of entrants until paid in FULL

Payment methods
Cash – at the tackle shop – by instalments if desired
BACS – RBS – BROOM LEISURE LTD A/c No. 00272942 –  Sort code 83-15-19 Add your name as reference
PayPal By clicking the Register & Pay above – Add your name as reference


Broom Series Round 1 Results
(23 fished)
Queensberry Water
Section 2
1st – Barry Young – 76lb (p29)
2nd – James Woodrow – 56lb 8oz (p26)
3rd – Craig Duncan – 55lb (p24)
4th – Mick Slater – 33lb (p25)
5th – Mark Acton – 29lb 14oz (p27)
6th – David Mcgregor – 12lb (p28)
Section 1
1st – John Williamson – 45lb 10oz (p16)
2nd – John Wright – 32lb 2oz (p20)
3rd – Matt Baxter – 31lb 8oz (p21)
4th – Daryn Ritchie – 19lb 12oz (p17)
5th = Nick Aldersey – 18lb (p19)
5th = Ian Whitson – 18lb (p18)

Section 1
1st – Mark Clow – 31lb 4oz (p35)
2nd – Simon Heyes – 23lb 10oz (p32)
3rd – Matthew Waugh – 14lb (p37)
4th – James Dornom – 9lb 4oz (p33)
5th – Brian Irving – 7lb 8oz (p34)
6th – Dave Walker – No show
Section 2
1st – Steve Royle – 30lb 4oz (p47)
2nd – Rosen Arsov – 30lb (p42)
3rd – Myles Watt – 27lb 4oz (p46)
4th – David Corcoran – 26lb 10oz (p45)
5th – Don Lines – 17lb 10oz (p44)
6th – Darren Peel – 14lb 5oz (p43)

The day started off well, lovely and mild, around 16 degrees, overcast and a nice 12mph wind… The conditions certainly favoured the fish for the first two hours, although things slowed up a bit mid-match with the clouds disappearing and out came the sun ☀..!
On Queensberry Water there were some lovely nets of fish caught throughout the lake, with carp, ide and skimmers all feeding reasonably well.
Barry Young drew end peg 29 and set his stall out to target carp and chub. He had 9 carp on method feeder, 2 carp on pellet waggler and 6 on his pole line, along with 4 ide, 7 chub, a barbel and a big perch… All caught fishing a worm and caster ” Slop” at 13m
James Woodrow was 2nd in section with a nice net of ide and skimmers for 56lb 8oz, caught on maggot/pole, followed closely behind by Craig Duncan with another good net of ide and skimmers for, 55lb.
Queensberry Water section 1 saw John Williamson win comfortably with a nice net of quality carp caught on the feeder rod/pellet, making the most of his end peg advantage in a tough section.
John Wright narrowly took second place with a few nice skimmers and small carp for 32lb 2oz, with Matt Baxter weighing in 31lb 8oz on the next peg, again some quality Carp and big ide.
Wallace Lake was a tougher one altogether… The carp not really feeding and the ide feeding in short spells throughout the day.
Section 1 was won by Mark Clow, Mark did well to win his section from peg 35, up against hot peg 32. Luckily the carp were having none of it today, and Mark got his tactics right targeting ide to win with 31lbs 4oz, with Simon Heyes on peg 32 netting 10 small carp for 23lb 10oz and 2nd in section.
Section 2 was a much closer affair with very little separating the top 4
Steve Royle won from end peg 47 by the narrowest of margins… 4oz to be precise..!
With the help of 5 small carp late on and a few small ide and skimmers, he weighed in 30lb, 4oz. Rosen Arson was very unfortunate to finish 2nd with 30lb, a mix of small carp and ide. Myles watt (. 27lb 4oz ) & David Corcoran (. 26lb 10oz. ) followed on closely behind.
Some nice catches throughout today despite the bright sunshine… Well done everyone..!

Broom Series Round 2 Results

(20 anglers fished)
Section 2
1st – James Woodrow – 89lb 8oz (p28)
2nd – Ian Whitson – 56lb 4oz (p27)
3rd – Steve Royle – 54lb 8oz (p24)
4th – Myles Watt – 35lb 4oz (p26)
5th – Matt Baxter – 22lb 4oz (p25)
Section 1
1st – Darren Peel – 75lb (p17)
2nd – James Dornom – 62lb 8oz (p20,)
3rd – Barry Young – 44lb (p21)
4th – Matthew Waugh – 42lb (p19).
5th – Dave Walker – 23lb 12oz (p18)

Section 1
1st – Rosen Arsov – 37lb 6oz (p33)
2nd – John Wright – 36lb 4oz (p34)
3rd – Nick Aldersey – 23lb (p36)
4th – Mark Clow – 20lb 2oz (p32)
5th – David Mcgregor – 18lb 8oz (p35)
Section 2
1st – David Corcoran – 27lb 8oz (p44)
2nd – Craig Duncan – 24lb (p43)
3rd – John Williamson – 22lb (p43)
4th – Don Lines – 12lb (p46)
5th – Daryn Ritchie – 5lb 4oz (p42)

Almost perfect conditions today, very mild and overcast all day, the only thing missing for once was a ripple..!
Despite the flat calm conditions, the fish in Queensberry Water wherein the mood to feed, or at least the silvers were. Some lovely nets of big ide and skimmers were caught, along with quite a few smaller carp and F1s, and the odd big one just for good measure.
It was very apparent the majority of the big carp were spawning, with lots of floating weed and rushes floating around the lake..!
James Woodrow won section 2 with over 50lbs of silvers caught on maggot/pole, and another 39lbs of carp caught in his margin to weigh in a superb 89lbs 8oz.
Ian Whitson finished 2nd in section with a very respectable 56lbs 4oz, a mix of silvers and carp, followed closely behind by Steve Royle with 54lb 8oz in 3rd place.
Section 1 was won by Darren Peel, and again Darren had over 50lbs of silvers on maggot/pole, with a few nice carp from his margin to weigh in 75lb.
James Dornom finished 2nd with a nice mix of skimmers, ide and small carp, all caught on pole, with Barry Young a respectable 3rd with 44lb.
Wallace Lake was a tougher affair, but the sections were tight.
Section 1 was won by Rosen Arsov, who weighed in 37lbs 6oz, all small carp caught on method feeder.
John Wright finished a very close second with 36lbs 4oz, a mix of small carp, ide and skimmers, caught on pole/maggot and the method feeder.
Nick Aldersey was a respectable third with 23lbs.
Section 2 saw David Corcoran come out on top with 27lbs 8oz, a mix of small ide and skimmers caught on pole, maggot.
Craig Duncan was a close 2nd with 24lbs, s net of mainly small ide, with John Williamson weighing in 22lbs to take 3rd spot.
Yet again both end pegs struggled again today… And not the first time, who says they can’t be beaten..??!!
Well done everyone some cracking weights again, even more so that the majority were silvers.!

Broom Series Round 3 Results

(22 fished)
Wallace Lake Section 1
1st – Ian Whitson – 76lb 6oz (p32)
2nd – Rosen Arsov – 37lb 4oz (p36)
3rd – David Mcgregor – 17lb 6oz (p33)
4th – Mick Slater – 16lb 8oz (p35)
5th – John Wright – 15lb 8oz (p34)
Wallace Lake Section 2
1st – James Woodrow – 43lb 4oz (p46)
2nd – David Corcoran – 39lb 10oz (p45)
3rd – Myles Watt – 39lb (p47)
4th – John Williamson – 33lb (p44)
5th – Darren Peel – 17lb 8oz (p42)
6th – Don Lines – 15lb 12oz (p43)

Queensberry Water section 1
1st – Simon Heyes – 62lb 12oz (p21)
2nd – Craig Duncan – 43lb 10oz (p19)
3rd – Dave Walker – 18lb 10oz (p17)
4th – Nick Aldersey – 16lb 8oz (p20)
5th – Daryn Ritchie – 2lb 14oz (p18)
Section 2
1st – Barry Young – 55lb 2oz (p27)
2nd – Mark Clow – 49lb 14oz (p28)
3rd – Mark Acton – 37lb 1oz (p24)
4th – Brian Irving – 34lb (p29)
5th – Steve Royle – 31lb 14oz (p25)
6th – Matt Baxter – 25lb 10oz (p26)

Very bright ?, very warm and the 10mph winds forecast were more like 18 – 20mph..!
Despite the conditions, some nice weights were recorded on both waters.
Section 1 on Wallace Lake was won comfortably today by Ian Whitson who’s drawing arm worked its magic again today, drawing peg 32… A few silvers on pole to start off with followed by quite a few carp on the method feeder and pole to weigh in 76lbs 6oz.
Rosen Arsov kept up his consistent run of late by finishing 2nd in section with 37lbs 4oz.
Section 2 was a really tough place to be with some very good anglers all scrapping for points.
James Woodrow came out on top in a very close section with 43lbs 4oz, small ide, skimmers and carp caught on the pole with maggot/worm.
Following closely behind was David Corcoran who took 2nd place with 39lbs 10oz, again ide and skimmers caught on pole, with Myles Watt in 3rd place only a few ounces behind with 39lbs.
Queensberry Water section 1 was one by Simon Heyes with 62lbs 12oz, his weight made up of 18lbs of carp & 44lbs of big ide and skimmers, all caught on pole, maggot.
Craig Duncan put in a good shift on peg 19 with a few carp and silvers for 43lb 10oz, securing 2nd place in section.
Section 2 was another close one, with Barry Young winning the section with 55lb 2oz, a mix of carp, ide and chub on pole/maggot, and a few carp on the rod.
Mark Clow followed closely behind taking second place with 49lbs 14oz, a lovely net of skimmers, chub and ide with one or two carp for good measure, all caught on worm/pole.
It’s worth mentioning Matt Baxters epic tussle on peg 26, all 40 minutes of it and eventually landing a nice double figure common carp caught on hard pellet/pole.

Broom Series Round 4 Results

Section 2
1st – Ian Whitson – 65lb 12oz (p27)
2nd – Steve Royle – 64lb 6oz (p24)
3rd – Simon Heyes – 58lb 12oz (p25)
4th – John Williamson – 54lb 6oz (p28)
5th – James Woodrow – 49lb (p26)
Section 2
1st – Barry Young – 55lb (p17)
2nd – Mark Acton – 31lb (p20)
3rd – Matt Waugh – 30lb 8oz (p16)
4th – David Corcoran – 25lb 8oz (p18)
5th – Daryn Ritchie – 10lb 10oz (p19)

Section 1
1st – Mark Clow – 62lb (p34)
2nd – Don Lines – 58lb 4oz (p32)
3rd – Craig Duncan – 30lb 8oz (p35)
4th – Brian Irving – 17lb 10oz (p33)
Section 2
1st – Rosen Arsov – 57lb 10oz (p47)
2nd – John Wright – 48lb 10oz (p44)
3rd – David Mcgregor – 25lb (p46)
4th – Dave Walker – 24lb 12oz (p45)
5th – Matt Baxter – 18lb 2oz (p43)

A lovely dry day today but a bit on the windy side for most trying to fish the pole at any distance.!
Yet again some great nets of fish weighed in, in all sections involved.
On Queensberry Water, the fish certainly favoured the end with the wind blowing into it, with the other section (1) at the far end flat calm for most.
Ian Whitson won section 2 with a mix of silvers and carp for 65lb 12oz, also winning the OVERALL match.
Steve Royle was a very close second with 64lb 6oz of carp caught on the pellet waggler.
On section 1 things were a bit strange on the pole lines, with the fish “” fizzing “” on the pole lines but feeding off the bottom making them difficult to tempt.
Barry Young got his tactics right fishing the method feeder to net 19 carp, weighing in 55lbs to win the section.
Mark Acton was second on hot ? peg 20 with a mix of silvers and small carp for 31lbs.
On Wallace Lake Mark Clow won his section fishing the short pole, catching carp and skimmers to weigh in a respectable 62lbs, with Don Lines taking second place on peg 32 with a net of carp caught on feeder and pole for 58lbs 4oz.
Section 2 saw Rosen Arsov win from end peg 47 with 18 carp caught on tip rod and pole, weighing in 57lbs 10oz.
John Wright had a busy days fishing netting 70 small ide to weigh in 48lbs 10oz, taking second place.
All to fish for going into the last round (5) next Sunday with quite a few anglers in contention to win the league and book their place in the finals.

Broom Series Round 5 Results

Broom fisheries : Broom Series round 5 results / final league results :
(20 fished)
Wallace Lake Section 1
1st – David Corcoran – 97lb (p32)
2nd – Barry Young – 57lb 4oz (p33).
3rd – Mark Acton – 44lb 8oz (p36)
4th – Simon Heyes – 36lb 8oz (p34)
5th – Dave Walker – DNW (P35)
Section 2
1st – Craig Duncan – 64lb (p47)
2nd – Mark Clow – 57lb 4oz (p43)
3rd – Rosen Arsov – 43lb 8oz (p44)
4th – Brian Irving – 17lb (p46)
5th – Matt Baxter – 8lb (p45)
Section 1
1st – James Woodrow – 70lb 8oz (p18)
2nd – Ian Whitson – 54lb 10oz (p17)
3rd – Don Lines – 50lb 10oz (p20)
4th – Steve Royle – 47lb 8oz (p19)
5th – Matthew Waugh – 40lb (p16)
Section 2
1st – Mick Slater – 81lb 8oz (p28)
2nd – John Wright – 41lb 4oz (p25)
3rd – David Mcgregor – 40lb (p26)
4th – John Williamson – 25lb 8oz (p24)
5th – Daryn Ritchie – 12lb 4oz (p27)

A dry day, overcast with periods of sunshine , and a nasty gusting wind..!
All to fish for today with several anglers in contention to win the league and book their places in the big money ? two day ” A” final.
At the start of the day Barry Young had a narrow one-point lead at the top, with three anglers only a point behind.
The drawbag would play a part in the proceedings today for all concerned with the league AND places in the finals.
On Wallace Lake, David Corcoran drew hot end peg 32, with Barry Young next door on peg 33.
David won the section comfortably with a superb 97lbs of Carp caught on the method feeder and a few on pole in the margin.
Barry Young kept his good run in the league going with 57lbs + to finish 2nd in section, a mix of ide & carp caught on pole at 13m, giving him a final score of 5pts with his worst score (3rd) dropped.
In section 2 Craig Duncan won his section and booked his place in the ” A” final with 64lbs, mainly Carp and ide caught at 11m on pole, with Mark Clow taking second place with a mix of carp, ide & skimmers for 57lbs +.
On Queensberry Water section 1, James Woodrow was sitting one point behind the league leader Barry Young, but with Barry only managing 2nd today, he had a real shout to claw back the deficit.
On the scales James weighed in a cracking net of ide and carp for 70lbs 8oz, giving him the section win which would prove crucial as the final results were tallied up.
Ian Whitson also narrowly missed out on the league, finishing 2nd in section today with 54lbs 10oz.
Section 2 saw Mick Slater draw end peg 28, and he put in a sterling performance to win with a cracking net of carp and skimmers for 81lbs 8oz. John Wright took the runner-up place with 41lbs 4oz.
Some excellent weights and very close sections on both waters today.
League winners :
-ST – James Woodrow – 5pts ( 259lb 12oz.)
2ND – Barry Young – 5pts (. 243lb 6oz.)
3RD – Ian Whitson – 6pts (. 253lb.)
4TH – Mark Clow – 6pts (. 200lb 6oz.)
5TH – Rosen Arsov – 6pts (. 162lb 4oz. )
6TH – David Corcoran – 8pts (. 190lb 12oz.)
7TH – Craig Duncan – 8pts (. 186lb 10oz. )
8TH – John Wright – 8pts (. 158lb 4oz. )

“A” Final finalists
James Woodrow, Barry Young, Ian Whitson, David Corcoran, Mark Clow, Rosen Arsov, Craig Duncan, John Wright, Steve Royle, Simon Heyes, John Williamson, Mark Acton.
” B” final finalists
Don Lines, David Mcgregor, Mick Slater, Matt Waugh, Myles Watt, Darren Peel, Brian Irving, Dave Walker, Matt Baxter, James Dornom, Nick Aldersey, Daryn Ritchie.
Congratulations to everyone involved and good luck in the finals guys..!

Day one results
(19 fished)
“A” Final – Wallace Lake
Section 1
1st – John Williamson – 54lb (p32)
2nd – James Woodrow – 47lb (p35)
3rd – David Corcoran – 42lb (p36)
4th – John Wright – 24lb 12oz (p33)
5th – Steve Royle – 19lb 14oz (p37)
6th – Mark Acton – 19lb (p34)
Section 2
1st – Barry Young – 47lb (p46)
2nd – Ian Whitson – 34lb 4oz (p44)
3rd – Simon Heyes – 29lb (p47)
4th – Craig Duncan – 20lb 4oz (p42)
5th – Mark Clow – 14lb (p43)
6th – Rosen Arsov – 12lb 8oz (p45)

” B” Final – Queensberry Water
Section 1
1st – Don Lines – 52lb 10oz (p16)
2nd – Myles Watt – 35lb 8oz (p19)
3rd – Mick Slater – 23lb 10oz (p17)
4th – Daryn Ritchie – 15lb 8oz (p20)
Section 2
1st – Dave Walker – 54lb 10oz (p26)
2nd – David Mcgregor – 51lb 8oz (p24)
3rd – Matt Baxter – 31lb 8oz (p23)

A damp start, winds up to 25mph, but dry during most of the match with the odd light shower. (Typical finals weather) ?
Lots of overnight rain upset the fish a little, but some very nice weights on day one of the finals.
The ” A” final was held on Wallace Lake on day one, with John Williamson ( 54lbs.) & Barry Young (. 47lbs.) both winning their sections scoring good points going into day 2.
Both Ian Whitson & James Woodrow managed runner-up in their respective sections today also with it all to fish for tomorrow.
The ” B” final was held on Queensberry Water and Dave Walker (. 54lb 10oz.), & Don Lines (. 52lb 10oz.) both picked up section wins, with David Mcgregor & Myles Watt securing their 2nd place points.


Broom Series finals day 2
& final results / overall standings
” A” final – Queensberry Water
Section 1
1st – Barry Young – 61lbs 4oz (p20)
2nd – Ian Whitson – 50lb 10oz (p17)
3rd – John Williamson – 37lb 4oz (p18)
4th – Mark Clow – 30lb 2oz (p16)
5th – Rosen Arsov – 29lb 2oz (p19)
6th – Mark Acton – 28lb 8oz (p21)
Section 2
1st – Simon Heyes – 68lb 4oz (p23)
2nd – Craig Duncan – 51lb 4oz (p25)
3rd – David Corcoran – 41lb 10oz (p24)
4th – James Woodrow – 38lb 8oz (p28)
5th – Steve Royle – 33lb (p27)
6th – John Wright – 11lb 4oz (p26)

” B” Final – Wallace Lake
Section 1
1st – Dave Walker – 74lb 14oz (p32)
2nd – Matt Baxter – 71lb 12oz (p34)
3rd – Daryn Ritchie – 14lb 4oz (p36)
Section 2
1st – Don Lines – 73lb 12oz (p42)
2nd – Myles Watt – 69lb (p44)
3rd – David Mcgregor – 50lb 10oz

A dull damp start to the day, but dry throughout the match, very mild ( 21 degrees), & a gentle 10mph wind… Perfect ? conditions.
The two day ” A” final saw 12 top anglers battling it out to win the top prize of £1000, and with smaller tighter sections, it remained close going into day 2 for all concerned.
With John Williamson and Barry Young winning their respective sections yesterday, it was typical they ended up in the same section today.
With yesterday’s runners-up James Woodrow and Ian Whitson in with a great shout also, including the rest of the chasing pack, it was all to fish for today.
At the draw, Barry Young pulled out his favourite peg 20, and with John Williamson and Ian Whitson in the same section, it was going to be a fair old tussle.
Meanwhile, James Woodrow had drawn well also, end peg 28, just to make things interesting. With a tough section also, things were up in the air in both sections.
John Williamson got off to a great start with some nice Carp on the method feeder, with Ian Whitson catching steadily also. Barry Young was struggling at this point with one small carp in the first hour.
However things changed dramatically in the last 2.5 hours, with Barry catching on the pole, and then a late surge on the method feeder got him back in the race
Meanwhile, in section 2, Simon Heyes was catching well with some real big carp adding to his weight, with Craig Duncan also going strong ?.
Surprisingly, peg 28 wasn’t firing on all cylinders today, with pole wizard James Woodrow catching but not as well as we’d thought.
At the weigh-in everyone followed the scales round waiting eagerly to see who’d done well.
Section 1 was won by Barry Young with 61lbs 4oz, a nice net of big ide, skimmers and 5 small carp. Both Ian Whitson and John Williamson pushed hard, finishing 2nd & 3rd respectively.
Victory was sealed for Barry Young with a perfect score of 2 section wins / 2pts, picking up the top £1000 prize.
Section 2 was a tight affair also, but the winner didn’t come from where everyone expected, instead it was Symon Heyes who put in a sterling performance to win from peg 23 with a cracking net of ide and big carp for 68lbs 4oz, winning the section and also 2nd overall in the two day final.!
Craig Duncan pushed hard with a superb 51lb 4oz to finish 2nd in section.
” B” final
Wallace Lake Section 1 was won by Dave Walker, and with a section win from yesterday, it secured him the ” B” final overall winners place, picking up a nice Preston ” Carbon – Active” 13ft waggler rod plus pools for his efforts.
A great weight today of 74lb 14oz for Dave which included a cracking 15lb common carp.
Matt Baxter was a very close 2nd in section with 71lb 12oz, also earning him 4th overall and picking up a Preston pole roost.
Section 2 fished equally as well, with Don Lines weighing in a superb mix of ide and carp caught on pole for 73lbs 12oz, securing 2nd overall in the ” B” final, picking up a Preston pole roller too.
Myles Watt also did well-catching ide on the pole for 69lbs, finishing 2nd in section and 3rd overall in the ” B” final, picking up a Preston Rod holdall.
A fantastic end to the series, but disappointing turnout out for the ” B” final with 6 anglers absent.

Final standings
“” A”” final
1st – Barry Young – £1000
2nd – Simon Heyes – £300
3rd – John Williamson – £150
4th – Ian Whitson – £100
” “B” Final
1st – Dave Walker
2nd – Don Lines
3rd – Myles Watt
4th – Matt Baxter
Series League winner
James Woodrow – £500

Many thanks to all who’ve supported this year’s Broom Series, a great summer league with all the usual great laughs along the way., from all at Broom.

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