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Broom/Daiwa Super League

Dates: 4th August - 25th August

Waters: Wallace, Queensberry & Bruces Acre

The Broom Super League sponsored by DAIWA
Pegging / Fees / Payouts and General Info

League limited to 14 teams

Match Dates :
Round 1 – 9th June
Round 2 – 23rd June
Round 3 – 4th August
Round 4 – 25th August

The league will be split into 6 mini-sections of 7, based on the 14 anglers on each lake.
Waters being used : Bruce’s Acre, Queensberry Water & Wallace Lake

Sections / pegging :
Bruce’s Acre section 1
Pegs – 1,2,3,11,12,13,14

Bruce’s Acre section 2
Pegs – 4,5,6,7,8,9,10

Queensberry Water section 1
Pegs – 16,17,18,19,20,21,22

Queensberry Water section 2
Pegs – 23,24,25,26,27,28,29

Wallace Lake Section 1
Pegs – 31,32,33,34,35,36,37

Wallace Lake Section 2
Pegs – 42,43,44,45,46,47,48

The draw will be done using the matrix system which will be available before the draw so teams can see the pegging.

Captains to register their team and pay peg fees and pools £75, (£25 per Angler)
Breakdown of fees & payouts :
Peg fee – £8
Golden peg – £2
Individual pools – £5
Section pools – £5
Team pools – £5


PAYOUTS per match :

6 × SECTIONS – £30

1st – £90
2nd – £60
3rd – £30

1st – £120
2nd – £60

* NOTE * IF the Golden peg is not won during the league, it will become an extra prize, split between the top team and top individual at the end of the league.
Lastly… There’s also the £1000 worth of Daiwa tackle vouchers up for grabs, split between top teams / top individuals.
Lots of payouts, lots of prizes and lots to fish for every round..!
Many thanks to all who’ve supported this very popular event, I’m sure it will be another fantastic league at Broom.
Many thanks to David Mcauley / Daiwa for their continued support and choosing the fishery to host the event.




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Broom Super League sponsored by Daiwa
Round 2 results :
Bruce’s Acre section 1
1st – Martin Greene – 99lb 12oz (p13)
2nd – Gerry Blythe – 53lb 12oz (p14)
3rd – John Callaghan – 32lb (p12)
4th – Ian Hickson – 27lb 2oz (p2)
5th – Nick Aldersey – 23lb 10oz (p3)
6th – Paul Barnet – 13lb 12oz (p1)

Bruce’s Acre section 2
1st – Rob Swan – 94lb 14oz (p7)
2nd – Don Lines – 33lb 8oz
3rd – Mathew Waugh – 30lb 5oz (p5)
4th – Eddie Bibby – 15lb 8oz (p6)
5th =John Williamson – 12lb 10oz (p11)
5th = Geoff Whittle – 12lb 10oz (p10)

Wallace Lake Section 1
1st – Barry Young – 67lb 2oz (p34)
2nd – David Wardman – 50lb 6oz (p32)
3rd – David Mcauley – 48lb 8oz (p35).
4th – David Mcgregor – 39lb 12oz (p37)
5th – Grant Clark – 37lb 4oz (p36).
6th – Scott Mcauley – 37lb (p33)

Wallace Lake Section 2
1st – Mike Hammond – 59lb 10oz (p42)
2nd – Simon Heyes – 43lb 2oz (p46)
3rd – John Wright – 36lb 2oz (p45)
4th – Mark Acton – 35lb (p44)
5th – Tam Mitchel – 30lb 8oz (p43)
6th – Paul Hodkin – 27lb 6oz (p47)

Queensberry Water section 1
1st – Matty Threfall – 43lb 8oz (p21)
2nd – Ian Whitson – 32lb 10oz (p18)
3rd – Symon Willan – 27lb 2oz (p20).
4th – Scott Mcghee – 24lb 8oz (p16)
5th – Andrew Gladwin – 17lb 8oz (p17)
6th – Matt Baxter – 4lb 4oz (p19)

Queensberry Water section 2
1st – Steve Royle – 45lb 8oz (p22).
2nd – Mark Clow – 37lb 3oz (p23)
3rd – Craig Duncan – 35lb 14oz (p24)
4th – Myles Watt – 33lb 4oz (p27)..
5th – Gary Black – 27lb 8oz (p26)
6th – Richard Daffin – 0.0lb (p25)

A dry day, overcast and mild.. But some nasty wind gusts at times.
A popular event at the fishery… 36 anglers battled it out for their respective teams today on the 3 main match waters.
With ” Daiwa A” “leading the pack after round 1, it was up to the chasing pack to reduce the points deficit
Last year’s champions” Broom DYNAMITE ” lay in second place on 7pts going into today’s match… And they drew reasonably well… The same set of pegs Daiwa” A” had in round 1.!!
Rob Swan drew on peg 7 on Bruce’s Acre… Winning the section with a fantastic 94lb 14oz, Barry Young did well to win from peg 34 on Wallace Lake with a nice mix of carp and silvers for 67lb 2oz., and Steve Royle winning his Queensberry Water section from peg 22 with 45lb 8oz… Team Broom Dynamite scoring a perfect 👌 3pts today.
Daiwa ” A” s Martin Greene drew peg 13 on Bruce’s Acre… A good Angler on a good peg can only mean one thing… Fish… And lots of them.!
Martin caught Lots of skimmers, a few chub and carp to weigh in an amazing 99lb 12oz… Agonisingly close to the magic ” Ton” weight… Missing out by a mere 4oz!!
Gerry Blythe from ” Team Green” finished 2nd in section with 53lb 12oz., & in section 2 it was ” Broom Ltd Angler Don Lines picking up runner up spot with 33lb 8oz
A team new to the league this year… ” North West Raiders” put up a fine display of angling today… Both Matty Threfall and Mike Hammond winning their respective sections.
Matty won on Queensberry Water section 1 with 43lb 8oz… And Mike done well on the pole on Wallace Lake Section 2 catching silvers and carp for 59lb 10oz… Helping the team to score a healthy 6pts on the day.
With “Daiwa A” s Ian Whitson picking up a 2nd in section on Queensberry Water, and David Mcauley picking up a 3rd place… They also finished on a respectable 6pts.
Elsewhere, and worthy of a mention was runner up in section on Wallace Lake Dave Wardman of team ” Penrith A” with 50lbs 6oz, and Simon Heyes of the ” Bulgarian Baggers”, also finishing 2nd in section on Wallace Lake with 43lb 2oz.
A great match with some tight sections… And one or two very big weights


Broom Super League sponsored by Daiwa.
3 – man team league.
Round 1
Bruce’s Acre section 1
1st – Gerry Blythe – 98lb 14oz (p13)
2nd – Don Lines – 54lb 15oz (p14)
3rd – Craig Duncan – 31lb 8oz (p1)
4th – Steve Royle – 28lb (p3)
5th – Brian Docherty – 8lb 4oz (p2)
6th – Symon Willan – 5lb 9oz (p12)

Bruce’s Acre section 2
1st – Ian Whitson – 45lb 8oz (p7)
2nd – Myles Watt – 27lb 8oz (p9)
3rd – Paul Barnett – 17lb 12oz (p6)
4th – Ean Pearson – 13lb (p11)
5th – John Callaghan – 12lb (p10)
6th – Eddie Bibby – 7lb (p5)

Queensberry Water section 2
1st – David McAuley – 80lb 6oz (p22)
2nd – Matty Threfal – 65lb 14oz (p24)
3rd – Geoff Whittle – 38lb (p26)
4th – Rosen Arsov – 35lb 8oz (p23)
5th – Nick Howe – 27lb 14oz (p25)
6th – Tam Mitchel – 24lb 14oz (p27)

Queensberry Water section 1
1st – Scott Mcghee – 51lb (p16)
2nd – Scott Bond – 31lb 10oz (p17)
3rd – David Mcgregor – 27lb 10oz (p20)
4th – Paul Hodkin – 22lb 14oz (p21)
5th – John Wright – 21lb 6oz (o19)
6th – Mark Acton – 17lb 8oz (p18)

Wallace Lake Section 1
1st – James Woodrow – 65lb 12oz (p34)
2nd – Gary Black – 60lb 12oz (p32)
3rd – Mike Hammond – 40lb 8oz (p36)
4th – Matt Baxter – 40lb 4oz (p35)
5th – Dave Wardman – 26lb 12oz (p37)
6th – Scott Mcauley – 16lb 2oz (p33)

Wallace Lake Section 2
1st – Barry Young – 61lb 4oz (p47)
2nd – Mark Clow – 56lb 8oz (p44)
3rd – Simon Heyes – 45lb 12oz (p45)
4th – Richard Daffin – 26lb 8oz (p46)
5th – Andrew Gladwin – 21lb 4oz (p42)
6th – Matthew Waugh – 19lb 8oz (p43)

A great turnout with 12 teams / 36 anglers taking part. The weather was kind.. Dry all day with cloud and sunny intervals.. And around 15 – 18mph winds.
Some lovely weights and nets of fish were recorded on all waters today, Wallace Lake seemed to produce some very close sections too with even weights throughout.
Gerry Blythe drew hot 🔥 culvert peg 13 on Bruce’s Acre and won the overall match as far as individuals goes with a superb 98lb 14oz… Agonisingly close to the magic ” Ton”, but scoring valuable points for his team ” Team Green”
Second in section was Don Lines fishing for his team ” Broom Ltd.”. Weighing in 54lb 15oz from culvert peg 14.
Section 2 saw Broom regular Ian Whitson draw corner peg 7 on Bruce’s Acre… Winning his section with, 45lb 8oz, a valuable section win for his team ” Daiwa A.”
Second in section was Myles Watt who picked up 2pts with 27lb 8oz for the ” Bulgarian Baggers”.
On Queensberry Water section 1, Scott Mcghee won with 51lb… A net of big ide and a few carp on the pole for his team.
Second in section was Scott Bond with 31lb 10oz… Fishing for defending champs ” Broom DYNAMITE”.
Queensberry Water section 2 saw ” Daiwa A s.” David Mcauley win convincingly with a cracking net of silvers and carp on the pole for 80lb 6oz… Picking up top points for his team.
Second in section was Matty Threfall, again with another superb net of fish weighing 65lb 14oz.
On Wallace Lake the sections were very closely contested… And in section 1 James Woodrow of ” Daiwa A.” won with a nice bag of ide on the pole, and a few late carp on the feeder to weigh in 65lb 12oz.
” Daiwa Bs” Gary Black finished a close second in section with 60lb 12oz… All carp and skimmers caught on the pole.
Down in section 2, it was another tight affair… And ” Broom DYNAMITE s ” Barry Young had to fish hard despite the end peg advantage to win the section narrowly with 61lb 4oz… 40lb + of ide and skimmers on the pole and a few very small carp made up the weight.
Second in section was ” Broom Ltd s” Mark Clow… Who stuck to the pole all day to record a deserved second place with a mix of ide and skimmers for 56lb 8oz.
Some cracking back – up weights too. 😁
Well fished everyone, and many thanks for another well-supported team league at Broom.


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