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Andy Keogh Memorial Match 29th Oct 2023

Dates: Sunday 29th October

Waters: Wallace, Queensberry & Bruces Acre
Andy's Memorial Match 1

Andy’s Memorial Match 1


Today Broom Fisheries was privileged to host a match in memory of Andy Keogh who recently sadly passed away. Andy and his loving wife Mo spent most of their weekends at Broom Fisheries in their caravan. Andy and Mo were known to many of the regulars at Broom and both would go out of their way to make people feel welcome when they dropped around for a chat at the caravan. It was great to see so many people coming out to support this event, and not just those fishing, it was truly heart-lifting to see such an outpouring of support.
All the entry fees and kind donations would go to Mo and the family and in true Andy tradition…pools were £1. Andy had so many side bets during the matches that he fished, we felt that £1 pools was what he would have wanted.
The match itself was a feeder-only match as this was Andy’s preferred method.
35 anglers fished across Bruce’s Acre, Queensberry and Wallace’s. This wasn’t about winning it was about taking time out with friends to remember a true gentleman.
The Andy Keogh Memorial Feeder Trophy was won by Jeff Whittle with a fantastic 93lb from Bruces Acre
The weather stayed fine last evening for the campout for Mo and family to come together again around a roaring campfire to remember Andy and with a full moon and the passing clouds, it made a special time for all to reflect.  With the heavy rain coming down overnight it made way for a mainly dry match day, with the usual shower of rain around weigh-in time, which lit up the autumn trees with a stunning show of colours silhouetting Andy’s empty chair, placed on his favourite peg by the lads in honour of a great friend and fellow fisherman, followed by the very unusual double rainbow seeming to split from the ground up, which later turned into a triple rainbow…maybe a sign that Andy was fishing with his friends and family today after all…..

Again special thanks to all who contributed whether that was attendance, money, time, memorial plaques, food, or kind words..thank you all again for the support you have shown this lovely family in a very dark time.

(I will post more pictures as I receive them)

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