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Broom Series 2017

Sorry this event has sold out
Dates: 20th August - 10th September

Waters: Queensberry, Wallace

The closing date for this event was the18th April 2017

The 2017 Broom Series is made up of 6 rounds and a 2 day final.

There are two sections, one on Queensberry Water, the other on Wallace Lake. The angler winning his pond / section automatically Qualifies for the ” A” final, meaning TWO anglers qualify per round.

The rounds are run as a league, with everyone scoring points each round, eg – 10pts for a win, down to 4pts for 7th place, all those finishing below 7th place score 2pts, a DNW scores 0pts.  You can drop your worst score after the 6 rounds, the winner of the league gets £500.

As more anglers qualify, if an angler that’s already qualified finishes above you in a match, then the next one down goes through.

After 6 rounds we have 12 anglers in the “A” final, along with 2 x wildcards for the two anglers that didn’t win a qualifier but scored the most points, bringing the Qualifiers up to 14 for the “A” final, and based on the usual 28 entries, the remainder fish the “B” final.

The ” A” final – first prize is £1000, 2nd – -£400, paying out the top 4 overall.  In the event of any TIES on points, weights will then be taken into consideration.

Payouts / section wins may increase slightly if entries increase.

The ” B” final – the 14 anglers fishing this one fish for the usual pools, plus tackle prizes, usually donated by the fishery and Preston Innovations.

Last year the top prize was a brand new Preston seat box, with runners up prizes of “Carbon active” rods, side trays and various other tackle prizes – which vary each year.

This year’s format will stay pretty much the same unless we get a bigger increase in entries, as this year so far, we’ve decided NOT to cap entries for the time being although that may change.

Should entries reach 36 for example, we may adopt a new format of ” A”, ” B” and ” C” Finals, although qualifying and points would remain the same, we’d simply put the top 12 point scorers in A final, next into B final and remainder into C final.

All rounds are held on Sundays other than the final which is a 2 day final, and you’ll fish both Queensberry and Wallace Lake over the two days in both Finals.

Entry is £170, day tickets are included in the entry fee – Payment only confirms your place

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Round 6 Water Draw 20/08/2017

ID Name Lake
1 John Wright Queensberry
2 Eddie Bibby Queensberry
3 Phil Baird Wallace
4 Mick Slater Queensberry
5 David Mcgregor Wallace
6 Dave Walker Queensberry
7 Peter Wilson Wallace
8 Barry Young Queensberry
9 Mark Clow Wallace
10 James Carlton Wallace
11 Derek Foster Wallace
12 Don Lines Queensberry
13 Mathew Waugh Wallace
14 Geoff Brough Wallace
15 Steve Royle Wallace
16 Craig Duncan Wallace
17 Micheal Neary Wallace
18 Ian Whitson Queensberry
19 Symon Willan Queensberry
20 Rosen Arsov Wallace
21 John Williamson Queensberry
22 David Mcauley Queensberry
23 Darren Peel Queensberry
24 Myles Watt Queensberry
25 John Brooks Wallace
26 Jeff Whittle Wallace
27 Paul Barnett Queensberry

The day started off well with a gentle breeze, mild and plenty of cloud cover, it looked perfect.. Fish were feeding at the very start of the match, But out came the bright sunshine and things slowed up pretty quickly..!
Round 1 – 7th May 2017

Barry Young drew his favourite peg 20 on Queensberry Water, opting to fish the method feeder, and a long pole line potting in maggots.
With lots of indications on the tip rod, it wasn’t long before the fish started coming, and they continued coming in little spells throughout the match. The pole line produced only 5 ide and a skimmer, so the feeder was the way forward, finishing with 35lbs of carp and 19lbs 14oz of silvers for 54lb 14oz, winning overall and qualifying for the ” A” final.
David McAuley caught some nice ide on long pole on maggot, and a few small carp on tip rod to finish 2nd in section with a respectable 31lbs 4oz.
Geoffrey Brough took the last framing place with 5 good carp for 25lb 1oz, all caught on method feeder.

On Wallace Lake it was another extremely tight match with ounces separating many of the anglers.
The first place honors were shared, with both Steve Royle and Matthew Waugh weighing in nice nets of silvers ( small ide, roach and skimmers.), along with an odd carp, both weighing in 30lbs 4oz, and both qualifying for the “A” final.
Craig Duncan took the last framing spot with another net of silvers for 23lbs 8oz, only 2lbs 6oz separated the next 6 anglers..!
The carp in Wallace Lake still haven’t woke up yet, but the silvers are feeding well..!
Well done to the Qualifiers and Framers today.

Round 2 – 4th June 2017


A heavy shower kicked off proceedings today, but it remained dry for the match, but a horrible gusting wind made it very difficult for most today, with some pretty severe undertow making bait presentation very challenging.
On Queensberry water Don Lines secured his place in the ” A” final from peg 20, but surprisingly, only two chub from the culvert, Don had to change tactics, fishing maggot and sweet fishmeal groundbait to put together a winning 48lb 4oz net of ide and the odd skimmer.
John Brooks took second place with 44lbs of carp and skimmers, all caught on pole using paste.
David McAuley took the last framing spot, weighing in 35lb 8oz of mainly skimmers and the odd ide, caught on pole / worm and maggot.
John Williamson and John Wright finished closely behind, both recording 34lb + weights.


On Wallace Lake it was a real challenge trying to string bites together for everyone, with very few carp showing, and surprisingly the ide were in hiding too..!
Ian Whitson did just enough to book his place in the ” A” final with a net of roach and ide.. And with the help of two bonus carp weighed in 31lb 4oz, narrowly beating Mick Slater who caught 16 small carp on the tip rod, finishing 12oz behind Ian with 30lbs 8oz for 2nd place.
Barry Young took the remaining framing place with a net of ide & 5 skimmers, caught on maggot / pole.
Myles Watt managed to put a respectable 21lb + on the scales for 4th place on a tough day for most.
Well done Ian Whitson and Don Lines..!

Round 3 – 18th June 2017


Ian Whitson took the section win with a good net of ide, skimmers and small carp to weigh in 48lb 6oz, all caught on maggot /pole.
David McAuley finished 2nd in section, enough to send him through to the ” A” final with Ian Whitson already qualified, David had 16 big ide, a few skimmers and small carp, for 43lbs, caught on pole / maggot
Mark Clow finished very close behind in 3rd place with 41lb 4oz, mostly skimmers, caught on tip rod. Again.. Decent back up weights with Mick Slater, Matt Waugh, Derek Foster and Geoff Brough all recording 30lb + weights.
Well done Geoff and David on Qualifying for the big final..!!!


Geoff Whittle secured his place in the ” A” final, catching 20 carp on method feeder for 53lbs from end peg 33.
Myles Watt finished 2nd with a good net of silvers for 42lbs, all caught on maggot / pole.
Steve Royle narrowly beat Barry Young into 3rd place with 39lbs 10oz of silvers which included 15 skimmers, all caught on maggot pole, with Barry Young weighing in 37lbs 2oz of silvers for 4th, again caught on pole.
Symon Willan had a respectable 36lbs 8oz of carp for 5th, with plenty more good back up weights in a very close section.

Round 4 – 2nd July 2017


Mick Slater won the Queensberry section and the overall match today, earning him automatic qualification into the Broom Series “A” final, catching carp on pole and tip rod on pellet to weigh in a healthy 67lbs.
David McAuley finished 2nd in section with 53lbs, mainly ide and skimmers with the odd carp, caught on pole using chopped worm.
Symon Willan took the last framing place to finish 3rd with 40lbs 2oz, a mix of carp and chub caught on tip rod.

Wallace Lake Ian Whitson won the section with 54lbs of ide, skimmers and carp caught on pole, Steve Royle was very close behind to take 2nd spot with 50lbs 12oz, catching carp on pole in the margin and a lot of small ide.
Don Lines finished 3rd with 33lbs 4oz of ide and carp, caught fishing the feeder at 13m.
With Ian, Steve and Don already qualified, Craig Duncan qualifies for the Broom Series “A” final by triple de – fault.
Congratulations Mick and Craig…! 

Round 5 – 6th August 2017


Very windy and very wet…. Not ideal conditions, or so we thought..!! Presenting a bait on the pole was very difficult, but it fish rather well overall.
Geoffrey Brough won the Queensberry Water section and the overall match today with a superb 73lb 10oz, Carp and chub caught on method feeder – which also earned him automatic qualification in to the Broom Series ” A” final.
John Williamson also put a great weight of 61lb 8oz on the scales to finish 2nd in section, catching carp on bomb and pellet. Hard luck John, it’s not very often someone puts together a weight like to that and doesn’t qualify..!, But a very well deserved runner up today.


On Wallace Lake James Carlton stole the show, winning the section comfortably with 72lb 14oz of carp caught on method feeder and pole, James also earned automatic qualification into the Broom Series ” A” final.
Barry Young finished 2nd with a respectable 50lbs, with 17 carp and a handful of silvers, mainly caught on pole at 13m, with 4 of the carp caught on method feeder.
Congratulations Geoffrey and James on reaching the big money final, and everyone else who caught some cracking back – up weights today.


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